Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Home Security System

This is a guest post by Joanna Sommer, a home automation enthusiast and entrepreneur who also runs A website dedicated to thoroughly research home automation and home security systems.

Victoria, Homethods Author

Peace of mind is priceless. And knowing that you, your family, your pets, and your home are secure is worth any amount of money, so when it comes to home security, consider that a small price to pay for knowing you’re taking that additional step to safeguard everyone and everything.

But like all items “of need”, companies can play on your emotions rather than facts, so we’re going to separate the two and focus on the facts today.  Why do you “NEED” a home security system?  Well let’s discuss the top five reasons.

Why You Need A Home Security System

Financial savings on your insurance

On average, you will reduce your homeowner’s annual cost by 20%. Be sure to shop around and find the solution that covers your needs, and make sure you ask questions.  Some security companies will even offer their own coverage for theft or damage.  Do you research to ensure what is important to you is covered, don’t just take the first blanket coverage offered to you.


According to the FBI, around 1.6 million burglaries occur in the United States each year.  That’s a loss of billions in dollar amount – and with electronics being the top items stolen, you’re often losing irreplaceable documentation, photos, and private information.  No insurance coverage will replace those items, so do your part to protect these items from not only being stolen, but worse, shared among the strangers of the world.  Identity theft is no joke, and something you want to do your best to prevent.


Most burglaries occur during the hours of 6am to 6pm.  You need to be focused at work, not worrying about your home.  A home security system is going to be your eyes while you’re away whether it be on vacation or at work.


A home security system is going to monitor your home for invasion, as well as fire in some instances.  This add on is available with most of the companies that we looked into at a minor additional cost.  The fire company is there before you even knew there was a fire.

And the most important reason to consider a home security system in our opinion is adding power to your punch.  You’re woken up by an alert on your system at 3am – what do you do?  It’s likely that the first 60-90 seconds you’re still getting your wits about you.  In that time, a home security system has probably received your alert, and is on the phone with the police dispatching them to your home– adding invaluable time and resources that you now have to ward off any unwanted intruders as well as assist you with making sure that you’re home is secure after the threat.

Home security systems come in many types, and with varying features and options, so do you your research and find the one that fits into your lifestyle and needs.  Shop around, take your time, and ask questions.  Talk to your local police force and ask them what they would recommend as well as what they would avoid.  You may never need this system, which would be a great thing, but if you do, you’ll be glad it is in place.