Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Course Review Scam Legit

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Review – Legit or Scam?

I joined Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Course in October 2017, after going through his program multiple times I’ve decided to write my own review. If you’re interested in making money, then chances are you’ve seen the ads put out by Sam Ovens. His Consulting Accelerator program promises a lot. Six weeks to a “wildly profitable” business sounds like a bold claim. After going through the training myself, I feel like I’m qualified to confront the claims made in a balanced manner.


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If you’ve been considering the course for some time, then I’ll let you in on a couple of secrets. The first is that it’s absolutely been a life-changing course for me. I’ll explain why as I go over the whole thing in more depth. The second is that if you shoot me an e-mail we can get you hooked up with a FREE TRIAL & $500 discount for the course.

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A Review of Sam Ovens’ Consulting Acceleration Course: Fair, Balanced, and In-Depth – A Scam?

When you look around the internet for Sam Ovens’ name you’ll quickly find some polarizing information. To some people, it sounds like an outright scam. I had to take a look for myself in order to bring you what I feel to be the truth about the course. The online reviews I found were incredibly mixed, ranging from wild success stories to people outright calling it a scam. That’s actually not all that unusual for any kind of online course.

People seem to either have loved his course and applied it to their business very well or they hate it and him and everything about him because it’s a “scam.”

It wasn’t even hard to find reviews from people who openly admitted that they hadn’t taken the course themselves but still felt qualified to lay down a few thousand words about it.

So I wanted to bring you something straight from the horse’s mouth. If you’re looking for a balanced review of the Consultant Accelerator course then you’re in the right place.

Unfortunately, there’s no simple way to go about something this complex.

If you’ve been looking this course over, or just want to know what it’s all about, it’s time to dig in your heels as I go over the entire thing so you can see if it’s the right choice for you.

What is Sam Ovens’ Consultant Accelerator Course?

Sam Ovens’ Consultant Accelerator course has some pretty bold promises.

Basically, the idea here is that the course should be able to help you form your own six or seven figure business if you utilize it’s ideas.

What you won’t learn here is the skill that you’ll be using to make money. Instead, you’ll rely on skills you already have in order to create a business.

The whole thing works off of the person to person connection. Some of the star pupils from the course work in areas as varied as helping with porn addiction, weight loss, and the usual range of different technical work you usually think of when you hear “consultant.”

Evaluating the claims turned out to be a bit easier than it seemed at first glance: there are thousands of reviews of the course from students who are quite happy with their results and their businesses speak for themselves.

The idea behind the course is to learn about niche selection, properly marketing yourself, and eventually forming your business so that it can scale almost infinitely as long as you have the right amount of customers.

It also promises to help you do it quickly.

You can evaluate the claims here if you’re interested before we dive into the course in more depth.

The Sam Ovens’ Story

Sam Ovens Story Vodafone Job Work Place

Sam’s copy relies primarily on the telling of his story time and time again.

As a middle class kid Sam Ovens went through the usual motions which people think are necessary to find a career. He got a college degree, went to a corporate job afterwards, etc.

He decided that all of this wasn’t for him and went on to quit his job and work from his parent’s garage.

He launched a couple of projects from there which flopped according to him. These included a job seeking network and a business which delivered food from local restaurants to office workers.

His first success was with SnapInspect. A piece of software designed for property managers it took off fairly well. While raising capital for SnapInspect he did freelance website design and founded a digital marketing agency.

Sam Ovens Story Success SnapInspect

Since the marketing consultancy was paying more than SnapInspect the latter was sold and the money pushed into expansion.

This ended in the founding of the Consultant Accelerator course.

In essence, Sam Ovens set himself up to be a consultant to consultants. Even in his story you can begin putting together the pieces of how his operation works: if you can solve a problem for people, tighten your niche, and continuously acquire customers you really don’t have much to worry about for your business.

Is Sam Ovens’ Consultant Accelerator a Scam?sam_ovens_consulting_accelerator-discount-Trial

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It’s one of the leading questions which I saw anytime the gentleman’s name popped up. Many supposedly savvy people outright dismissed him out of hand.

At almost $2,000 for the course it’s definitely the biggest question remaining. If it is a scam, that’s a lot of money to be losing out on.

Some of the controversy also settled on the conditions of the money-back guarantee. It’s not a no questions asked policy, instead you’ll actually have to have completed some of the training in order to get your money back.

That’s definitely not the most forthright way to go about things but it’s also not too much to ask for most people. If you’re going to sink that much money into a course then you probably should go through with it after all.

Having gone through the six week training course myself I can say this: Sam Ovens’ Consultant Accelerator definitely isn’t a scam… but it’s also not a miracle course.

Indeed, I’d say it isn’t even really a “beginner” course despite how it’s marketed.

If you’re already running an online business or you’re ready to really sink in for the hard work then you’re going to be in good hands. Otherwise you may want to invest in building up your own skills first.

Here’s one thing to consider: Sam Ovens is practically omnipresent on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms with advertising. He also has a verified net worth of $65 million.

If there’s one thing you can’t deny it’s the fact that Sam knows how to market. Learning from the things he teaches can’t be a bad thing… for someone who has something to market.

Redefining Consultant

Consultants are, traditionally, highly experienced individuals within their specific niche. They’re paid to solve problems by individuals and companies.

Sam Ovens has a somewhat looser definition: basically, this course is for anyone who provides services, coaching, or training.

Whether or not you find this to be a contentious matter is really going to depend on you. After all, if you fall into one of those categories you’ll benefit from the training course as a whole.

On the other hand, if you’re a complete newbie to running a business and you’re expecting to learn skills that will make you valuable through the course then you’re likely to be sorely disappointed in the end.

Instead what the course primarily teaches is how to market skills, expertise, and services that you already have.

That’s not to say that it’s all bad for those who don’t think they have any skills. Most people are great at something, they just need to discover what it is and how they can help others with it.

If you come into this course completely empty-handed then you’re probably not going to get a whole lot of benefit from it, but few people are going to come in entirely empty handed regardless of what they think of their own abilities.

The Consultant Acceleration Course

What Sam Ovens actually offers is a six week course. The modules are broken down by week to allow you to have time to fully comprehend everything.

  • Fundamentals and Foundations
  • New Paradigm and Worldview
  • Alchemy of Client Conversion
  • Alchemy of Client Attraction
  • Fractal Facebook Evolution
  • Minimum Viable Service Delivery

The modules consist of a ton of video content which is designed to teach you how to do things. Don’t get too distracted by the almost ridiculous names that are in place for the modules and their videos.

Let’s be fair here, however, some of them are pretty inspiring. There’s videos named things like “Rolling God’s Loaded Dice” and “Igniting Your Flame.”

The first thing I noticed when I started was that the production values were really good. The landing page is slick and clean although there’s quite a few pop-up notifications and the like. It shows exactly what to expect and there’s even drop down menus which describe each of the videos before you buy the course if you want to know exactly what you’re getting into.

The modules themselves are actually more straightforward than you’d think from their impressive titles, especially as you get farther down the line.

Like many money making courses out there you’ll find there’s a big emphasis on mindset.

It sometimes feels like a bit of fluff but if you take the advice to heart it may help to cause a breakthrough.

Week 1-Fundamentals and Foundations

Week One Funcamentals And Foundations

The first week is the usual mindset style of stuff, but it also covers not only finding a niche but how to specialize in it.

The big thing here comes in the form of Sam explaining consulting. Since his definition of consulting is quite a bit broader than the generally accepted one it’s a good idea to pay attention and see if you can adapt your skills to his program.

The most useful portion of this first week of the course is probably the “Picking Your 2.0 Niche” module.

In it you’ll learn how to make sure that you have a specific niche. Specificity is something that’ll be touched on again and again, you’re not trying to be the best in the world at everything in your niche but instead becoming the world-leading expert on that one specific thing.

While some of it may seem to be a re-hash, Ovens makes a really good point: to really rake in money you need to have a perfect target audience and know what their problems are.

There are a ton of digital marketing agencies out there. There are quite a few of them which specialize in helping dentists. But how many of them are actually questioning dentists in order to make sure their agency is offering exactly what these businesses are having trouble with.

Sam’s course tends to build on itself as you get farther down the line.

Week 2-New Paradigm and Worldview

Week Two New Paradigm & World View

Finding a “new paradigm” sounds like a lot of fluff.

Frankly, it kind of is for most people.

It’s well articulated, the production values are great, but it’s not going to be world changing stuff just because Sam Ovens insists it is. It’s not bad, but if you’ve been trying to learn how to be wealthy for some time you’ve seen this information before.

It mostly focuses on isolating the habits which are holding you back and then getting down to it and doing your absolute best to make sure that they’re not affecting you anymore.

Things like procrastination, laziness, and impulsive decisions can all lead to a lot of bad results for a business person. It’s an important thing to remember, particularly if you’re used to working for other people rather than yourself.

Pay attention and put it into action and you’ll get a ton of value from this part of the course. It’s more actionable than many things of this type, including worksheets and other materials to help you make sure that you’re actually doing what needs to be done.

Week 3-Alchemy of Client Conversion

Week Three Alcehmy Of Client Conversion

It’s got a fancy name, but this is where Sam starts to get down to the brass tacks.

The Alchemy of Client Conversion module is actually about sales. For those with some experience closing you’ll still get quite a bit of benefit out of this week. Apart from his immense social media presence, Sam Ovens is great at selling.

He provides a script in this section. It’s probably one of the best sales scripts I’ve ever seen and he takes it a step further and shows you how to customize it to suit your own personality and business. The conversion rates which are reported by those who have gotten far enough to actually use them are pretty insane.

All of this together adds up to a ton of value.

For those who came into the course knowing their niche and having their business mostly together in the first place, this is where things really become game changing.

Week 4-Alchemy of Client Attraction

Week Four Alchemy Of Client Attraction

At this point in the course you’re looking at how to generate leads for your business.

Sam makes the point that a lot of people beat around the bush about: without leads you’re not going to be making any money. It really doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do if no one knows and you can’t get people attracted to your business.

He goes over most of the common methods of lead generation, including both organic and paid options.

The organic options even go so far as to include snail mail. With everything covered you’re in good hands when it comes time to start a business plan.

The paid methods goes a little bit more in-depth. Sam’s primary focus is on Facebook ads and sales funnels including a technique called funnel fragmentation. It’s all pretty cool and immediately actionable.

This part of the module is super in-depth, if not exactly revolutionary apart from a few specific practices. If you’re inexperienced with digital marketing it’s probably worth the price of the whole course however since many people can’t seem to get down the basics of internet marketing without detailed instruction.

Overall, the course has picked up speed by this point and if you actually apply the last two weeks you’ll more than make your money back by here.

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Week 5-Fractal Facebook Evolution

Week Five Fractal Facebook Evolution

Okay, let’s ignore the fancy title. This module is where the real worth comes through.

Love him or hate him, Sam Ovens is a Facebook legend. If you so much as sniff in the direction of making money online he’s already targeted you and is showing up in your feed. It’s one of the reasons that there’s so many people calling him a scam artist.

He’s very good with Facebook. He’s also been doing it basically since the beginning and has a good handle on the mechanics behind the algorithms as well as having the ability to produce some pretty impressive conversion rates.

Frankly, there’s a lot of information here that I haven’t seen anywhere else and if this course was fragmented the way many are it’d be the piece that I’d recommend.

You’ll get a comprehensive overview of the whole process. Everything Facebook ad related is covered here. All the way down to analytics and your daily routine.

The end of this week is about scaling up your business after you’ve gotten going.

This is probably the most valuable week in the course for most people. There’s a lot of information out there on Facebook ads, but Sam really is the master of these when it comes down to it.

Week 6-Minimum Viable Service Delivery

Week Six Minimum Viable Service Delivery

There’s one thing about scalability as a consultant: you’re eventually going to hit a stumbling block when it comes to how many customers you can handle.

The “minimum viable service delivery” concept centers around cutting out all of the extra stuff to just deliver value to your clients.

From there it also covers scaling up, hiring contractors to help you, how to manage your business’ revenue flow and finally how you can ensure that your marketing is automated enough to keep customers flowing while you do as little as possible.

That’s the goal after all, to bring in as many customers as possible while keeping everything flowing along with minimal intervention on your part.

The value of this part of the course will largely depend on how well you follow things up to this point. It’s valuable information if you’re going to scale past a certain point but it’s not of much use until you get there.

The focus here is on automating systems, basically turning your consultant business into a hands off, passive income machine.

Sounds awesome, right?

It is. As long as you’re willing to put in the work to get there.

So, Who is The Consultant Accelerator Course Best For?

If you’ve already got an online business going, then you’re likely to get a lot more benefit from this course than someone who’s completely green to online marketing.

The thing is this: this course doesn’t really teach you to be a consultant so much as it teaches you how to market yourself as one.

Sam Ovens isn’t exactly wrong when he talks about his definition of a consultant but it’s a broader definition than most of us are used to. It’s a great model for basically anyone who’s main job is teaching others to solve problems.

If you have any kind of marketable expertise you’re going to learn exactly how to make money with it.

Put another way: if you’re not already making enough money to afford this course, then it’s really not what you’re looking for.

If you are then you’ll be in good hands.

If you’ve succeeded at anything in particular then chances are people are willing to pay for your expertise. Whether it’s affiliate marketing, freelancing, coding, web developing, weight loss, or whatever, people are always willing to pay to be advised by experts.

This course primarily teaches you how to make sure that you have a tight focus on your audience’s problems and then work your way towards achieving the same kind of online presence that Sam himself has gotten.

Frankly, if you can achieve that kind of presence and not be making money hand-over-fist then I don’t know what you’re doing.

Who is This Course Not For?

If you’re completely new to online marketing I don’t think this is where you should be investing your money. Instead, there are plenty of other courses which can actually teach you skills which will be of value.

I really wouldn’t recommend spending your last dollar here. It’s a great course for those who can use it. Absolutely fantastic.

If you’re willing to put in the work, then you’ll be able to use it to get ahead. That much is pretty clear, but you’re going to be throwing money in a pit if you’re not ready to sit down and do the work.

For newbies there are a lot of places to spend your money that will be more valuable, They may even get you to the point where the investment into this course is a good idea.

Bonus: Facebook Group

Consulting Accelerator Facebook Group

Nearly every “make money” course out there has some level of Facebook support.

Many of these groups are mostly inactive.

As you’d expect, given his absolutely amazing reach and mastery of Facebook, Sam Ovens’ group is super active and utterly fantastic overall.

Questions are answered, people are constantly reporting their new customers, and it’s a very active and lively group overall.

One of the things that I found most entertaining was the “ringing the bell.” Many of the people in the group report when they get new clients, posting something along the lines of “ringing the bell.” It gives a good overview of just how effective the course really is.

A supportive community is something that’s seriously lacking when you’re working through many courses which teach you how to make money, and you’d be surprised at how big of a difference it can make in day-to-day motivation if you choose to remain active within the community.

Getting Results

Look, no matter which approach you take when you’re trying to form a business, there’s one thing that you’re going to have to do: actually follow the information laid out in front of you. Even the worst course will produce some results provided that you follow it.

Sam Ovens’ is a step above the rest however.

Frankly, I think it may be the best-made course on the market right now. If you’re looking for a way to begin making money with the skills you already have then this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

If you’re not looking to put in the work and start making money hand over fist… well, then maybe you’re not quite ready for this course.

Honestly, if you’re not a believer yet then maybe it’s time to check out the thousands of video reviews which have been produced by happy customers.

The important thing is always the end result and the powerful social testimony of those working with Sam are pretty far up there on the list.

So Why Do So Many People Call It a Scam?

Making money online is a tricky business.

The truth is that most of the courses out there are basically a couple of “sweet tricks” for affiliate marketing, using Adwords, or whatever else might be found.

They’ll all get called scams too, because people are notorious for spending their money on a course… then not following through with the advice and techniques given.

As I noted in the beginning of this review: the Sam Ovens’ Consultant Accelerator Course is primarily a way to begin a business or scale up an existing one. You still have to do the work.

The other reason you’ll run into this?


Sam Ovens’ outreach across the internet is incredible. Chances are that if you’re here it’s because you looked him up after seeing an advertisement and wanting to know if his promises are true.

They can be if you do the work laid out for you.

Otherwise, you’re throwing money down a pit.

So if you do choose to invest in the course, make sure to do your best to follow the instructions laid out for you.

It’s always going to be action which gets you ahead.


Is the course absolutely perfect? Possibly not, but it’s one of the best of it’s type out there if not the best.

If you’re looking to get started on the way to a high-ticket business, the kind that can be absolutely life changing, then I absolutely recommend doing two things:

You might be looking at a completely world-changing event for you and those around you. Or you might just be looking at the foundation for a solid course.

The one thing that’s certain?

If you actually use the course, you’re going to get results well in excess of the price tag. That’s enough as far as I’m concerned.

So contact me and we’ll see about getting you your discount:

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