Best Maid Cleaning Services in NYC

Getting the Best Maid Cleaning Services in New York City

If there’s one service which seems to vary from business to business, it’s definitely looking for maid services. Whether you just need someone to vacuum once in a while or you’re looking for a consistent and precise deep cleaning of your abode you’re going to have to figure out which company to use. A solid maid cleaning service in NYC is Maid first house cleaning.

In a city the size of NYC there are dozens, if not hundreds, of these services available so picking one can become quite difficult. We’re here to help guide you in your choice, making sure that you end up with a reputable and reliable company.


Maid First New York

Best overall: Maid First New York

When we look up services, the first thing we always take a look at for you is the reviews available online. Maid First Cleaning Service has a pretty sterling reputation among their customers.

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Do You Need a Maid Service?

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re looking to hire a maid. However: not every problem actually needs a maid service.

The most common problem that people run into, which you really don’t need a maid service for, is clutter. If you’re the type who clutters their home on a nearly constant basis, then you may want to look into changing your personal habits rather than simply hiring a maid.

While some services will take care of all of the trash you leave behind, you’ll quickly find that it’s not quite cost-effective.

Remember that a top-notch service is going to cost you a decent amount of money, so you’ll also want to make sure of one thing when you’re thinking of tasks: is what you’re hiring the maid to do actually going to increase productivity in other areas of your life?

If not, you’re just spending money to be lazy and changing your personal habits may be the way to go.

When it comes to deep cleaning, however, those tiresome tasks which aren’t quickly handled, a good maid can be a godsend. Cleaning deep in the cabinets, wiping down the fridge, getting those little bits of filth that have a tendency to build up in odd areas: all of these can take a considerable amount of time and it may be best to “outsource” them.

What to Look for in a Maid Service

What to Look for in a Maid Service

When you’re looking for a maid service, there’s a lot to keep in mind. We recommend you consider the following before you decide on a final company to go with, just to make sure that you get the service which is best for you.


Maid services can be exceptionally cheap.

That’s also a good way to end up with bad service and a disreputable company. While it shouldn’t be breaking your pocket book to pay for the maid, you also shouldn’t end up feeling like you’re ripping someone off to make it work.

Most reputable services will charge at least $25 an hour in the NYC area, so that’s a good point to break even at.

Online Reviews

Always check online reviews before you hire any service. The usual warnings apply: the more reviews are present the more likely you are to see both unrealistically good reviews and absolute horror stories.

The truth is almost always somewhere in the middle, leaning towards whichever side the bulk of the reviews favor.

With maid services you can also get a good overview of the jobs they will and won’t do when you’re looking at the reviews. Some places are just fantastically clean, others will have superior customer service, and the like.

If you’re using an independent contractor, go through a site that vets their workers for the best results. You might also ask for references and call them once you contact the worker in question. This will help ensure that you can trust the person.


Due to the size of the Big Apple, not every service is going to cover the whole city. Make sure that you can get someone who will cover your area otherwise it’s all for nothing.

You’ll also want to make sure that they can be there when you need them. While it might feel a bit awkward, it may be a good idea to observe your worker the first time they’re there. This will allow you to clearly communicate your expectations the first time, instead of hoping that your instructions make it through clearly.

Where to Find Maid Services

Where to Find Maid Services

Looking into hiring a maid for the first time?

It’s something of a careful task. After all, this is a stranger who you’re inviting into your home to handle your mess, which isn’t exactly an easy choice to make especially since you’re not likely to be home when they’re there.

That’s the entire point, after all, a clean home without you needing to do the hard work.

Angie’s List is a good place to start, since they have a stringent review process and that can help you get some extra piece of mind. An untrustworthy maid, after all, can make off with valuables and that’s definitely not something you want to end up dealing with.

Word of mouth is always good too, if you have a friend who regularly uses a maid service then giving them a call and seeing if they’d recommend someone to you is a great idea. A lot of smaller businesses thrive on these word-of-mouth referrals.

Lastly, Yelp is a good source of local businesses and you’ll be able to quickly and easily parse the reviews to determine if you think they’re good enough to be your new housecleaning hire.

We recommend staying away from Craigslist and other fairly anonymous services, as that’s a great way to end up with a disreputable company since you won’t be able to easily review them before you make the hire.

When possible it’s usually best to use a company instead of an independent contractor, they’re much more likely to have the proper insurance and bonding if you make a good choice.

On the other hand, if you find just the right independent worker then you may be able to establish a good rapport and end up with someone you really trust cleaning your home. Make sure to interview more than one if you decide to head down this route.

Ensuring Trustworthy Services

One of the most important things to keep in mind: if you go with services that charge minimally, then you’re likely to get maids who are underpaid. Someone who is underpaid, unskilled, and worked too hard is going to be more likely to steal and you’re supporting the kind of business that preys on people.

Neither of those is a desirable outcome.

Instead, most reputable services pay their workers fairly well… which will also pass the cost on to you. This means a great maid service definitely won’t be cheap, but a happy, well-paid worker is also likely to do a more thorough job.

You’ll also want to make sure that the company you’re going with uses background checks on all their workers. Ask when you make the call, just to be certain, but even the most reputable service can let a bad apple or two through over time.

One other thing to keep in mind: try to find workers with good English. While impeccable grammar isn’t necessary most reputable companies will hire someone whom you can easily understand. It just makes the whole process a lot smoother and will help to prevent miscommunications

You’ll also want to independently verify the insurance and bonding of the company. Someone can just list numbers after all, without you making sure that things are on the up-and-up things can slip by.

The easiest way to do this is just to ask for the numbers and company and make the call yourself to verify things.

As long as you make sure that all of the above is in order you’ll be in good hands.

Determine What Kind of Service You’re Looking For

Unless you’re simply rolling in money, you’re going to want to decide just how much cleaning you’re going to need before you even make the call.

A lot of people opt for a once weekly or biweekly deep cleaning. This will help to keep all of that really annoying stuff down although you’ll still be handling the bulk of the cleaning. In general you should be able to get a quote quickly and easily once you decide on a company and make a call.

If you’re already a tidy person, you may even be able to get by with a once monthly cleaning.

What you’re willing to spend and how much the service costs is most likely going to be the determining factor in the end, so make sure you know both before you start making calls.

One of the most important things you can do, whether it’s a company or an independent worker, is to go through a trial period first to ensure that they’re doing the job the way you want. Remember that the first cleaning doesn’t mean you have to keep using the same service.

The Limits of Maid Services

While most companies will handle those tasks that we despise, there are generally some limits which any reputable service will have in place.

For the most part, any kind of biohazard is going to be off limits. This means blood for the most part, and it’s not really fair to ask a worker to have to expose themselves to that kind of infectious risk at any rate.

Other companies will have some hard limits in place for the protection of the client: not touching jewelry at all is a frequent rule among reputable companies. This helps to prevent both the temptation of theft and the appearance thereof.

Some places won’t handle windows or screens as well, since streaking can occur after they’ve left and it leaves them open to complaints from the person who’s hired them.

There are also a variety of more specialized tasks which you’ll need to hire someone outside for. These include duct cleaning, gutters, moving heavy furniture, and other extensive tasks which are really outside the purview of cleaning.

Make sure that the things you want done are acceptable before you start spending money, since each company and worker will have their own internal policies.

Our Pick: Maid First Cleaning Service

When we look up services, the first thing we always take a look at for you is the reviews available online. Maid First Cleaning Service has a pretty sterling reputation among their customers.

They’re the top reviewed maid service, at least in NYC, which counts for a lot. Most of the reviews focus on just a couple of things: timeliness and impeccable cleaning by the time their worker is done with the home.

In fact, many people are simply in awe at some of the feats of cleaning that have been pulled off. The rates which the company charges also seem to be more than fair, which is a definite plus in our book.

If you’re not ready to start doing your own research and really digging into the meet of the perfect service for you, we recommend them as a first line against the filth which you may find encroaching in your home.


Finding the best maid cleaning services in NYC can be something of a chore, but when you need that ultra-deep cleaning without having to spend a ton of time at it yourself there’s really no substitute for a professional. Just dig a bit, and you’re sure to be able to find the business that will help to make your home sparkling clean with a minimal amount of hassle.


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