3 Ideas to Beautify Your Dwelling With DIY Home Room Décor

Decorating a house can add up to some big expenses in a remarkably small amount of time, so why not give it a shot and take care of the bulk of it yourself? Whether you’re recycling old stuff or just picking up the materials to complete your dream home it’s definitely something to get excited about

Read on, and we’ll show you some awesome ways to decorate your house with simple projects that anyone can do!

Victoria, Homethods Author

DIY Room Decor

Repurposed Cabinet Doors as Trays

Idea 1

Repurposed Cabinet Doors as Trays

Don’t just throw out old cabinet doors! If you’ve got some lying around from when you refinished your cabinets, then grab an extra pull from somewhere and follow along.

1.) Sand and Strip

Grab a sander and sand it down. Get it smooth and take off all of the old stain or paint in order to make sure you end up with a superior finish. Take the existing pull off when you’re setting up and set some wood putty in the holes from the old screws as well.

2.) Refinish

Stain or paint the cabinet however you might like. Many people might prefer an austere white, but a stained finish can add a touch of class as well. Make sure you’re matching the coloring with the pulls you’ll be using as handles.

3.) Handles

Now, reattach pulls to the ends of the door, running parallel to each other. You’ll quickly find that you’ve got a great, unique tray for carrying whatever you might like.

Turn a Vintage Painting into a Cabinet Door

Idea 2

DIY Cabinet Door

With a couple of easy purchases, you can nab a painting from a thrift store and an old medicine cabinet and create a fantastic semi-hidden cabinet.

1.) Get Your Materials

You’ll need to locate an old medicine cabinet and a painting that’s a bit bigger than the door.

Broken medicine cabinets are pretty easy to find, try Craigslist or even look in thrift stores. Ask around, most people have no idea what to do with them since they take up a lot of space.

Thrift stores are a great place to find old, interesting paintings for just a couple of bucks. The painting’s frame will have to overlap the door by ¾” or so. Keep the measurements on you when you’re shopping.

  • Once you’ve got your stuff together, you’ll be able to get to work.

2.) Remove the Mirror

If the mirror is still intact on the door, you’re in luck since it’ll be easy to remove without cutting yourself on any shards of glass. If it’s broken, well, be careful.

Removing the mirror is a fairly easy task, but you’ll also want to remove as much of the metal frame as possible. How you can do this depends on the make of the medicine cabinet, but if worst comes to worst just cut it off with a pair of tin snips and file down the edges.

3.) Attach the Painting

With the mirror out of the way, align the frame along the hinge-side of the cabinet and drive ¾” screws through each corner of the door and into the frame.

Test the hinges and make sure the door can open or you’ll have to move the frame a little bit.

4.) Hang the Medicine Cabinet

You’re almost done, now all you’ll need to do is make a cut in the drywall where you want to hang things in order to fit the cabinet in. Attach screws to any hooks it might have, and stand back to admire your handiwork.

Done correctly, you now have a hidden cabinet that will wow anyone who happens to come across it.

Create a Simple Floating Shelf

Idea 3

Floating Shelf

You can pay through the nose to make a floating shelf, or you can get it done yourself with just a few dollars’ worth of materials and a little bit of your time. Whether you choose to use it for decorations, house plants or anything you might care to put on it, you’ll find that it adds a whole new look to a room.

1.) Grab Your Stuff

Buy a round wooden plate from a hardware supply store of the desired size, you’re also going to need some yarn in a color you prefer and a pair of sharp scissors.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, it is.

2.) Cut and Knot That Yarn

It might take a little bit, but you need a large amount of yarn in order to make sure that your shelf holds steady. Cut around 48 pieces of yarn at 10 feet each or so. The easiest way to do this is to just measure one, then keep doubling back and snipping the ends.

Tie them all together so that you’ve got a big knot right in the middle of the strands.

Bunch them together in four groups of twelve. Separate six strands from each dozen, and knot them together after you’ve twisted them sufficiently. If you’ve got the patience, you can braid them in groups of three, then intertwine the braids for a more polished final look.

  • You should end up with four groups of bundled or braided yarn coming out from a central knot.

3.) Hang Everything Up

Using a ceiling hook or other attachment, loop the central knot over the middle and tie the yarn in pairs of double knots, stopping them about 4” below your anchor.

Then tie it all together at the bottom and slip your wooden disc in. If you tied everything correctly so far, the yarn will readily hold your wooden plate in place and the wood should hold the whole thing fairly ridged as long as you’re not trying to hang it in a hurricane.

And you’ve done it, finish the disc however you’d like and you have a great, aesthetically pleasing shelf that’ll leave your guests in awe.


By all means, don’t limit yourself to the above. You can do just about anything you’d like and with some care and precision you’ll be able to add professional level decorations to your home at an amateur cost. We hope we gave you some great ideas to spruce up the place, and remember that your creativity is the only limit you’ll face.