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The Best Steam Mop in 2019 – Top Reviews

If you’re after the best steam mop that fits most needs, we recommend LIGHT 'N' EASY S7339 Floor Steamer Mop. This lightweight steam mop features a convenient bendable handle and automatic steam control. Not exactly what you’re looking for? Make sure to check out the runner-ups and discover more steam mops that can help you keep your floor clean and shiny!

Best overall: LIGHT 'N' EASY S7339 Floor Steamer Mop

This steam mop comes with a smart sensor for convenient automatic steam control. It is child- and pet-friendly and features a bendable lightweight handle, allowing you to reach hardly accessible areas. The steamer has a no-switch design and is suitable for use on various types of surfaces including carpets, hardwood, and tiles.

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Top 5 Steam Mops

Name Cord Length (Feet) Water Tank Capacity (Oz) Price
LIGHT 'N' EASY S7339 Floor Steamer Mop 20 9 Check Price
Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop Floor Cleaner 22 12 Check Price
Bissell 1806C Powerfresh Deluxe Steam Mop 25 16 Check Price
O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop with Extra Refill 20 14 Check Price
Light n Easy S3101 Compact Portable Floor Steamer 20 7.4 Check Price

1. Best Overall Steam Mop


LIGHT 'N' EASY S7339 Floor Steamer Mop

Product Rating 5 /5
Reviewed by:

Safe for both kids and pets, this steam mop by Light ‘N’ Easy stops releasing steam the moment you stop moving it. It also consumes water without additives which may corrode your floor or harm your kids and pets.

With automatic steam control for convenience and easy use, the release of steam is controlled by a sensor. Moving the mop quickly will trigger the release of more steam. To activate the automatic steam control, simply move the machine forward and backward twenty seconds after plugging it.

This mop also reaches floors below any furniture thanks to its bendable lightweight handle. There is no need to have a separate mop for cleaning the floor below your cabinet and couch as this mop lets you clean without worrying about muscle strain.

In addition to floors, it also helps keep your carpet fresh with its high-temperature steam. Using the carpet glider, it kills bacteria and eliminates odor, leaving your bedroom or living room dust-free and odor-free.

This cleaner has a water tank capacity of 9 ounces, and it comes with a 20-feet cord length. The package includes a handle, lower handle tub, steam mop pad, mop base, a filling flask, and a manual.

Pros and Cons
  • Uses automatic steam control
  • The handle is bendable
  • Cleans carpet by killing bacteria and removing odor
  • 20-feet cord
  • Has 9 oz. water tank capacity
  • Carpet glider not included in the package
  • Pads are thin

2. Best Manual Steam Mop


Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop Floor Cleaner

Product Rating 4.5 /5
Reviewed by:

Looking for a device to clean and sanitize hard floors? This steam mop by SharkNinja has washable, dual-sided Dirt Grip pads which are designed to lift and lock in the dirt for incredible clean and quick dry times.

Its direct steam channeling distributes steam to create a wide cleaning zone, allowing the Dirt Grip pads to get and trap dirt better. In addition to cleaning sealed hard floors, it also helps remove 99.9 percent of common household bacteria without leaving any chemical residue behind.

This steam mop also features a Steam Blaster that delivers a powerful burst of steam to eliminate stuck-on, hard messes. It easily loosens debris from crevices, corners, and grout lines.

Another great thing about this device is that it lets you go hands-free once you’re done cleaning the floor.

By simply pressing a button, it lets you attach the Dirt Grip Pad to your mop or remove it straight to the hamper. This means that you don’t have to touch a dirty pad after a thorough clean.

Pros and Cons
  • Washable and reusable Dirt Grip Pad
  • Features Steam Blaster
  • It lets you go hands-free after cleaning
  • Wide cleaning zone
  • Doesn’t leave a chemical residue
  • A bit heavy to push
  • The button to adjust heat is on the lower part of the mop

3. Best Steam Mop With Long Cord


Bissell 1806C Powerfresh Deluxe Steam Mop

Product Rating 4.5 /5
Reviewed by:

Those who are looking for a great device to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs without the use of harsh chemicals might enjoy using this steam mop by Bissell. It works well on all hard floors such as hardwood, linoleum, ceramic and tile, and marble and granite while leaving a refreshing scent behind as you clean.

This steam mop features powerful steam and an On-Board spot boost brush that scrubs away sticky and tough messes. Filling the water tank is easy as the package comes with a measuring cup and can be attached to the handle for easy storage.

Based on your cleaning requirements, this mop lets you select between low or high steam settings. The mop head is also wide for fast cleaning.

For a burst of freshness, insert Spring Breeze Fragrance Disk into the tray when you steam clean.

This machine is also easy to maneuver, allowing you to wipe dirt and messes even under furniture. It also has a 25-feet cord length that lets you reach all corners of your home.

Pros and Cons
  • Includes washable soft mop pad
  • Two Breeze Spring Scent Discs included
  • Easy to fill the water tank
  • Works great on all hard floors
  • 25-feet cord
  • Some users said that it is difficult to pour water from measuring cup to the unit
  • The cap on the reservoir cracks easily

4. Best Microfiber Steam Mop


O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop with Extra Refill

Product Rating 4.5 /5
Reviewed by:

If you are looking for a lightweight steam mop, this product from O-Cedar weighs only 5 pounds! There is no need to struggle with pushing, pulling, and carrying it from one room to another, allowing you to clean your home with ease. It is also easy to assemble without other tools and comes with a lengthy cord.

20 seconds after plugging in, this steam mop becomes fully heated which is hot enough to eliminate 99.99 percent of bacteria and germs on the floor. It cleans all hard floor surfaces including carpets.

The unit also includes a measuring cup that lets you pour exactly 400ml of water. However, there is no place to store or hang the cup, which is inconvenient for some users.

Designed to easily clean hard-to-reach edges and corners, this steam mop has a triangle head that glides swiftly across the floor.

The microfiber pad absorbs dust, bacteria, and dirt without using chemicals. It is also machine-washable up to 25 times and the kit includes two microfiber pads.

Pros and Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Includes two machine-washable microfiber pads
  • Triangle head to clean corners easily
  • Adjustable steam levels
  • Tested on E.Coli bacterium
  • Doesn’t feel durable
  • No place to store or hang measuring cup

5. Best Portable Steam Mop


Light n Easy S3101 Compact Portable Floor Steamer

Product Rating 4 /5
Reviewed by:

Another lightweight steam mop that you might want to consider is this unit by Light ‘N’ Easy. Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be a tough job any more. Weighing only 3.33 pounds, this mop has a compact size that offers smooth movement when mopping the floor.

Ideal choice around children and pets, this unit sanitizes only with water without using harsh chemicals. Even the most stubborn stains and bacteria can’t survive high temperatures of up to 120 degrees Celsius. This helps to remove sticky messes, germs, and bacteria to keep your floors safe for your little ones.

Moving the mop quickly will automatically trigger the release of steam. It is recommended to wait for 20 seconds after powering on for effective mopping.

The microfiber pads included work well on sealed hardwood, linoleum, marble, granite, and ceramic floors.

This steam mop also features an elegant handle for better grip. It also hangs easily on the wall and the cord wrap makes it easy to organize the cord.

Pros and Cons
  • 20-feet cord length
  • Includes washable cleaning pad
  • Lightweight
  • Works well on all hard floors
  • Easy handling for less physical effort
  • Carpet attachment not included
  • Turning radius is not great

Steam Cleaning Vs. Traditional Mopping

Securing a shiny and germ-free floor can take hours of work if you don’t have the right helper by your side. When it comes to the cleanliness and convenience of floor cleaning, nothing beats steam mops which utilize heat to get rid of stubborn dirt and microorganisms. Since there are many products on the market, however, choosing the right one is a demanding task. For that reason, we decided to prepare this guide and present to you the best steam mop options and exciting features worth considering before making a purchase.

Old-style mopping consists of utilizing a good old trustworthy mop, a bucket of hot water, and some detergent. These days, traditional mops are still widely accessible on the market and come in plenty of shapes and types including flat mops, rope, dust, and sponge type mops.

Back in the days, people had to ring the excess water out of the mop after soaking it in hot water. The buckets had special sections designed for draining water. This helps prevent the floor from getting too wet upon wiping it.

Fortunately, modern manual mops feature their own system for draining the excess water, resulting in easier operation and faster drying time.

Steam mopping, on the other hand, has been developed for people who are after convenience, comfort, and time-saving. This type of mops utilizes a heating system that warms up the water stored in a small water tank to produce steam that thoroughly cleans the floor.

This means that steam mops no longer require you to soak and drain the mop repeatedly. You simply turn it on and get the work done.

Another great thing about steam mopping is that, unlike traditional mopping, it helps you get rid of the majority of harmful microorganisms due to high heat. It is also a more eco-friendly and safer solution.

Overall Winner

Taking several factors such as convenience, efficiency, and overall expenses into consideration, steam mopping is the clear winner of the showdown.

Here are some of the most noticeable advantages that steam mops have over their traditional alternatives:

  • Ease of use
  • Faster and more efficient performance
  • Lower costs in the long run due to eliminating the need for detergents
  • Safer and more eco-friendly
  • Doesn’t require you to use multiple tools at once
  • Better for removal of stubborn stains and dirt

Nevertheless, traditional mops might be more appropriate for those looking for a quick one-time solution as they don’t cost much in the short run. You might also be interested in them if you like the smell of freshly mopped wet floor.

Steam Mop Benefits

Steam Cleaning Vs. Traditional Mopping

There are many reasons why steam mops beat traditional mopping. Here are some of the main benefits exclusive to the use of steam mops.

1. Ease-of-use

Steam mops are easy and convenient to use, allowing you to finish your chores faster and with more energy left to do other things. There is no more need for bending and uncomfortable stances to clean the entire floor, hardly accessible areas such as corners included.

2. Effective Cleaning

Steam is a result of high heat which is capable of destroying the majority of bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms that traditional mopping can’t eliminate. Most steam mops advertise that they remove 99.99% of bacteria. Besides destroying them by utilizing heat, steam mops also leave no residue water that could allow bacteria to thrive in.

While it is known that not all bacteria are bad for our health, it is better to strive for a clean home as you don’t want any potentially deadly microorganisms around your family.

3. Portable

A steam mop is one-piece equipment that doesn’t require you to bring an extra bucket for water and detergent. This means that it is easy to transport and store.

4. Faster Cleaning and Drying

When you decide to clean the floor with a traditional mop, you have to use a lot of pressure to remove stubborn stains and that takes times. On top of that, the floor usually remains wet for a long time after scrubbing it with a traditional mop.

Steam mops, on the other hand, don’t require you to apply a lot of pressure to achieve optimal results. Due to the heat they release, they also encourage the floor to dry faster.

For a faster and more convenient cleaning experience, some steam mops also feature a detachable head or handle that allows you to transform the mop.

5. Earth-friendly

top 5 Best Steam Mop

All that steam mops require to operate is a bit of water and some electricity. Unlike traditional mops, they don’t need loads of detergent to thoroughly clean the floor and provide it with a pleasant smell.

Detergents are often full of chemicals that are not only bad for the environment but also for you, your children, and your pets. Waste that derives from the use of traditional mops usually ends up polluting our water sources.

Additionally, the use of steam rather than detergents will make your home smell naturally clean as opposed to the strong smell of ammonia and other chemicals that detergents leave behind.

6. Back-Friendly

Your health should be your top priority. While mopping can make a great exercise, people typically maintain improper posture while cleaning, leading to back, arms, and shoulder pain.

Nowadays, modern mops come with an ergonomic design that doesn’t stress your body and doesn’t require you to bend down while cleaning or setting up the mop. Steam mops, especially, do most of the work for you and come with various attachments that can make your work easier.

7. Versatility

Many steam mops are only appropriate for use on hard surfaces such as wood and tiled floors. There are also those, however, that can be used on various types of materials.

If you are ready to spend some extra bucks, you can also invest in additional attachments designed to suit specific needs and areas such as countertops, tiny crevices, and grout where dirt and bacteria can easily hide.

Important Features to Consider

When choosing a steam mop that will keep your home clean, there are plenty of features to consider in order to make the right purchase. From cord length to water capacity to various functions and settings, steam mops greatly vary in what they offer, how efficient they are, and how much they cost.

Cord Length

It may sound like nothing important, but the length of the cord is one of the primary factors to consider when picking a steam mop. In general, the longer the cord is the easier it will be for you to move around your place and reach all areas without having to replug the device.

The principle works the same way as with carpet cleaners and vacuums. In general, steam mops should have a cord that is at least 20 feet long.

Water Tank

If you have a lot of cleaning to do and little time to spare, it’s best to invest in a steam mop that comes with a large water tank. Typically, these tanks can hold anywhere between 7 to 16 ounces of water.

While larger water tanks mean more water storage, the actual water use of the steam mop matters too. Mops with automatic steam control, for example, may use less water due to a more balanced steam production and use.

Steam Control

Since not all stains and floors are equal, you might be best off with a steam mop that either offers adjustable steam settings or controls steam automatically. In general, you should look for a product that allows you to control steam output depending on the type of surface you use it on.

Additional steam control features worth considering include:

  • Steam-ready indicator: this is usually a simple light that lets you know when the device has heated up to a level high enough to produce steam.
  • Steam-on lock switch: this switch lets you activate continuous steam flow, eliminating the need to keep pressing the steam release trigger.
  • Steam-off lock switch: as a prominent safety feature, an off-lock helps you prevent the steam flow from accidentally turning on and causing harm.


Many people choose not to pursue steam mops because of their fear that they require a lot of maintenance. However, if you read the manual carefully, you’ll find that maintenance of steam mops can be just as easy as cleaning your floors.

Most steam mops come in a set of two or more mop pads that you can easily replace and wash after they’ve done their job. One thing that you need to make sure is that you never reuse cleaning pads before washing them. They also need to be dried properly.


For dealing with spots that are hard to reach, opt for mops that fold flat or come with a telescoping handle. You should also choose a product with detachable parts if you want to make sure you can use it in different parts of your home.

Cleaning Pads

Consider stocking up on extra cleaning pads, as they are bound to deteriorate with time. After months of use, it is better to replace them to ensure that your steam mop operates at full efficiency.

Accessories & Price

Some products come together with tools like brushes or a jet nozzle that can be useful for cleaning stubborn stains, grout, or crevices. Steam mops can cost you anywhere from $50 to a few hundreds of dollars.


Do you spend a lot of time cleaning your home and craving extra hands to help you out with this daunting task? Since helping hands are hard to come across, a steam mop is your next best choice. While steam mops can help you get rid of dirt and sanitize the floor quickly and efficiently, there are many products on the market to choose from. Fortunately, we did the research for you and identified the top five steamers that are bound to deliver shiny results.

While the LIGHT 'N' EASY S7339 Floor Steamer Mop ranked #1 on our list due to lightweight yet quality design, convenient bendable handle, and automatic steam control, all products presented in this post excel at what they were designed for. Give our buying guide another peek to ensure you get the best steam mop and make the cleaning of your home an easier and more convenient process!


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