Best Lighted Makeup Mirror in 2018 - Winner Reviews

Best Lighted Makeup Mirror in 2019 – Winner Reviews

We tested and reviewed some of the best lighted makeup mirrors of this year. Overall, we liked the Mirrormore LED Makeup Mirror for its size, 10x magnification ability, and dual power source. We felt that the average person searching for a lighted makeup mirror wants something that looks classy sitting on the vanity but that is still practical, and the Mirrormore fits that bill.

Best overall: Mirrormore

For most of us, this lighted LED mirror provides the ideal height and mirror circumference for applying makeup. The halo effect of LEDs offers multidimensional lighting, and we really liked that it can be battery operated or plugged in. Two sides offer 1X and 10X magnification, so it can meet your needs in a pinch if you only have one mirror. While there are larger mirrors, the Mirrormore meets the needs of the average user.

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Top 5 Lighted Makeup Mirrors

Mirrormore 1X and 10X Corded and Battery Check Price
Jerdon HL1016CL 5X Corded Check Price
BESTOPE 1X; 2X; and 3X Battery and USB Check Price
SunplusTrade 7X Battery Check Price
Fancii 10X Battery Check Price

1. Best Overall Lighted Makeup Mirror


Mirrormore LED Makeup Mirror

Product Rating 5 /5
Reviewed by:

Most of us want something to help us apply makeup more easily and that isn’t a gigantic eyesore sitting on our bathroom sink. We really liked the classy design of the Mirrormore LED Makeup Mirror, with it’s freestanding profile that requires no installation and a brushed nickel finish that should match most décor.

The multiple power sources sealed the deal for us – we liked that you can use the Mirrormore with either battery or outlet power, making it versatile enough for travel.

It isn’t compact like the travel models we reviewed, but it also isn’t unnecessarily bulky. It’s sturdy, with a weighted bottom and non-slip pad, so you don’t have to worry about it accidentally falling over if you bump the table.

We also liked that you can swivel the neck of the mirror 360 degrees, so you can get multiple angles.

While there are larger lighted mirrors out there, the 14.5” height and 7.5” mirror circumference should be the perfect size for most of us to apply makeup while sitting at a table, without craning our necks.

The Mirrormore is a two-sided mirror, with one side offering 1X magnifcation and the other 10X, good for checking for makeup application flaws, tweezing, shaving, or doing tricky makeup techniques.

Overall, while it might be a bit small for some, the Mirrormore checks all of the boxes for a good multiuse lighted makeup mirror.

Pros and Cons
  • No Installation Required
  • Multiple Power Sources
  • Good Height for Average User
  • 1X and 10X Magnification
  • Modern Design
  • Doesn’t Fold for Travel
  • Only Two Magnification Options

2. Best Wall Mounted Lighted Makeup Mirror


Jerdon HL1016CL 9.5-Inch

Product Rating 4.5 /5
Reviewed by:

If you have limited counter space or want a mirror that can be mounted at the perfect height for you, then you might want to consider the Jerdon HL1016CL LED Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror.

It’s a 9.5-inch diameter circular mirror that attaches directly to your wall and can be pulled out up to 16 inches so you can apply makeup without craning your neck and then retract it to save space.

It only has one side and one magnification setting, but we thought the 5X magnification struck a good balance between extreme closeness and a regular mirror, especially since most people will probably mount this next to their regular bathroom mirror anyway.

We also liked that the mirror swivels on the retractable arm, so you an get better angles on tricky areas.

It’s a corded model, so keep that in mind if outlet space is hard to come by in your particular grooming setup. You can get it hardwired by an electrician if you want to make it a permanent feature of your bathroom.

Style wise, we liked the simple chrome finish and unfussy design. LED lights ring the round mirror and give a halo lighting effect for multidirectional lighting.

Overall, the Jerdon HL1016CL might be a good choice if you’re looking for a more permanent solution to your lighting problems. It’s not easy to change once you install it, especially if you hardwire, but it will give a spa-quality feel to your makeup routine.

Pros and Cons
  • 5X Magnification
  • Retractable
  • Swivels
  • Chrome Finish
  • Sturdy Wall Mount
  • Not Portable
  • Only One Magnification Setting

3. Best Tabletop Vanity Lighted Makeup Mirror


BESTOPE Makeup Vanity Mirror

Product Rating 4 /5
Reviewed by:

Back in the day, women used to have a small vanity table in their bedrooms devoted exclusively to primping, and we love that this is making a comeback. If you don’t have the space for a huge mirror hung on the wall or want something a little more portable, the BESTOPE makeup vanity mirror is a good choice to set on top of a desk or even nightstand for an instant vanity table.

While the magnification levels of this mirror are smaller – three screens give you 1X 2X and 3X magnification – we liked that the swivel feature gives you good angling ability.

The trifold design is different from the other mirrors we reviewed because it lets you see different portions of your face at different magnification levels simultaneously. This might be a good choice if you want to apply lipstick while still keeping the overall makeup look in view, for example.

If you find yourself throwing on some makeup at work before heading out, you might like that the BESTOPE can be USB powered as well as battery powered. Your laptop can suddenly double as a makeup tool.

Standing a little over 13 inches, the mirror folds up and detaches from its stand, making it relatively portable.

We liked the number of LEDs included in the design, but they only ring the central rectangular mirror and not the smaller rectangles on either side. We wish they would have added a few on the outside edges.

The BESTOPE might be a good call if you need a lighted makeup mirror that’s fairly portable and can turn any solid surface into a vanity table quickly.

Pros and Cons
  • Portable
  • Three Separate Mirrors
  • Dual Power Source
  • Three Different Magnification Levels
  • LEDs Only on Central Mirror
  • No Corded Power Source
  • Relatively Low Magnification

4. Best Lighted Makeup Mirror for Small Spaces


SunplusTrade Led Magnifying

Product Rating 4 /5
Reviewed by:

We can all dream about a luxurious master bathroom with all the bells and whistles, but some of us have to make down with a tiny pedestal vanity or a shared bathroom. If space is your number one concern, you might want to take a look at the SunplusTrade LED Magnifying Mirror.

This particular makeup mirror has a tiny footprint and attaches to any bathroom mirror. We liked that, unlike most suction cup mirrors, it has a twist-attachment for a more secure fit, so you aren’t rescuing your makeup mirror from the bathroom floor every morning.

The magnification level is 7X, so it’s a bit more than most of the mirrors we reviewed without the extreme closeness of 10X. The retractable arm brings the mirror out 9.5 inches from the wall and it’s a gooseneck style so you can twist it to pretty much any angle.

The mirror itself is relatively small – it’s a square that only 7 inches measured on the diagonal.  Since you can pull it out and rotate it, though, we still felt that it gave a good close-up for putting on makeup.

The LEDs are a little different on the SunplusTrade, giving more of an overall glow effect than an individual-bulb halo effect. We liked the touch-screen on/off feature, since it is a bit easier than a switch.

Because of it’s small size and suction attachment, its reasonably portable. It doesn’t fold up, so that’s something to consider if you want a lighted makeup mirror primarily for travel. It also is powered exclusively by batteries, so keep the need to buy replacements in mind.

Overall, the SunplusTrade might be a good choice for you if you’re working with a small space and need something that can be attached to an existing mirror and easily moved around.

Pros and Cons
  • Small Footprint
  • Goosneck Rotation
  • 7X Magnification
  • Easily Removable
  • Only One Magnification Level
  • Doesn’t Fold
  • No Wired Option

5. Best Lighted Makeup Mirror for Travel


Fancii 10X

Product Rating 4 /5
Reviewed by:

Last but certainly not least, we’ve picked the best lighted makeup mirror for the adventurers on our list. Our priorities here were compact design and ease of use, and we think the Fancii 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror does a good job of meeting the needs of travelers.

This is the smallest lighted makeup mirror that made our Top 5 list, measuring at just 6.5” square, but they still managed to pack an impressive 16 LED bulbs into it, giving you some serious illumination.

It attaches to any smooth surface, not just another mirror, with a locking suction cup mechanism, which is what make it the ideal pick for travelers in our humble opinion. It should easily attach to any countertop or smooth tiled wall surface, so you can do your makeup even if you don’t have a wall mirror.

We wish it could attach to drywall too, but it’s compact size makes it easy to put in a carry-on. The mirror folds to less than 6” square and weighs only 12 ounces.

The mirror doesn’t extend from it’s mount, but you can swivel it up to 360 degrees in any direction to get a good angle.

At 10X magnification, it’s a strong little mirror, so make sure that you want that kind of close-up view.  It’s battery-powered, so make sure you pack extras.

Overall, this is a good little mirror if you want something with powerful magnification that’s easy to travel with.

Pros and Cons
  • Compact
  • Locking Suction
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • 10X Magnification
  • No Corded Option
  • Only One Magnification Choice
  • Smaller Than Most

Why Use a Lighted Makeup Mirror?

If finding a good makeup routine is important to you, then you’ve probably spend time choosing the right cosmetics, tools, and techniques to achieve the perfect look. Most of us forget about getting the perfect lighting.

Finding a lighted makeup mirror that closely matches the effects of natural daylight is key to getting your makeup routine just right. That’s why we’ve searched through hundreds of lighted makeup mirrors on the market to find our Top 5 Picks.

Correct lighting is the single most important factor to making your makeup look good.

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’ve been putting my makeup on in the rearview mirror of my car for years. Why bother changing?” Trust us, using proper lighting to put on makeup is an absolute game changer.

You know how professional wedding photographers are fantastic at getting everyone to look healthy and flawless in those outdoor posed shots? Yes, some of that is photo editing, but photographers know the secret: use natural light whenever possible.

We all look our best in natural sunlight – no exceptions. Bad artificial lighting emphasizes imperfections and usually makes us overcompensate when we apply makeup by putting on too much foundation or unevenly applying eye makeup.

When you’re doing your makeup, you want the lighting to be as close as possible to natural light. Most bathroom light fixtures don’t offer this, plus its super expensive to switch out a light fixture and you can’t take it with you when you move!

Plus, multidimensional light is important when you apply your makeup, so you don’t have extra shadows cast on one part of your face – that causes uneven makeup application too.

Enter the lighted makeup mirror. Here are some things to look for when you start shopping for a lighted makeup mirror:

  • Size
  • Portability
  • Magnification
  • Lighting Type
  • Power Source
  • Wall Attachment

Makeup Mirror Lighting Types

top 5Lighted Makeup Mirrors

Lighted makeup mirrors use LED lights or incandescent lights, just like any other lightbulb in your home. LEDs use less energy, emit less heat and last longer, but tend to be more expensive, whereas incandescent bulbs are cheap but run hot and burn up quickly.

For makeup mirrors, we tend to prefer the whiter light of LEDs, since the yellowish lights of incandescent bulbs tend to cast a sickly hue on most complexions.

Just keep in mind that if you prefer incandescent lights, the option is out there. And don’t forget to check that you can easily buy replacement bulbs when you need them!


After lighting type, magnification is the next most important thing to consider when choosing a lighted makeup mirror.

If you’ve ever tried to get the perfect winged eyeliner or a tweeze a good eyebrow line by leaning as close to your bathroom mirror as possible, you probably need a magnified makeup mirror. It allows you to see more details and get tricky makeup application or tweezing perfect.

A normal mirror that offers no magnification would be listed as 1X, and one that magnifies your face to five times its normal size would be 5x, and so on.

It’s common for lighted makeup mirrors to be reversible, with one side offering a 1X magnification and the other side offering a higher level for close up makeup application.

The most common magnifications are:

  • 2X
  • 5X
  • 7X
  • 10X

It’s a good idea to test out a few different magnification levels before you choose one. You might feel that 5X magnification is enough for you while 10X makes every pore stand out.

If you wear glasses regularly, getting a lighted makeup mirror with a higher magnification level may also help you to apply eye makeup with your glasses off without everything getting too blurry.

Power Source

Makeup Mirror Lighting Types

Lighted mirrors run either through an electrical outlet or on battery power. Some can run on either power source.

If you intend to travel a lot with your mirror or don’t have access to many outlets in your home, then a battery-powered one might be the best choice for you.

This is often favored by people who want to save the outlet space for their hair styling tools, people living in dorms or shared apartments, or travelers.

Running the lighted mirror on batteries means, of course, that you have to replace those batteries, so if you have the outlet space, then a wired model might be the way to go for you.

It’s generally not recommended to plug a whole bunch of power-hungry devices into a power strip, though, so make sure you are careful about how many devices you have using a single outlet.

Mirror Size

You can always go full-on-Hollywood and get a gigantic lighted makeup mirror that takes up your entire bathroom vanity. This might be overkill for most people, though.

Most of us just want something large enough to see our whole face and small enough to save space. Keep in mind there are two primary sizes to consider: the size of the mirror itself and the size of the stand or arm holding the mirror.

Some measurements to take before choosing a lighted makeup mirror are:

  • Size of the mirror
  • Size of the stand/arm holding the mirror
  • Dimensions of your counter or vanity
  • Distance to the nearest outlet (if using a wired mirror)
  • Height of your space (if you plan to keep the mirror on a shelf)
  • Size when folded (if collapsible)

There are some terrific space-saving mirrors out there –even ones that can fold up for carry-on travelling-- and also some large ones that can serve as the centerpiece of a vanity table or dresser if you want to make a décor statement as well. It really depends on the constraints of your space and your personal design preferences.


Lighted makeup mirrors serve an important practical function, but they are also a component of your bathroom or bedroom décor, too.

Here are some of the key style factors to consider when you choose a lighted makeup mirror:

  • Metal Finish
  • Mirror Shape
  • Bulb Style
  • Freestanding/Wall Attachment
  • Location of the Mirror

If your whole bathroom has silver fixtures, a large gold-framed lighted mirror might stick out. Decide if you want your lighted mirror to be small and hidden away, or if it should make a statement.

Cost will go up as you increase the size of your lighted mirror, of course, but a mirror that is too small to see your whole face might be a problem when making sure that your facial makeup is applied evenly.

If you’re in the middle of a bathroom reno anyway and replacing your mirror, though, a lighted mirror might be a valuable upgrade that gives the room a luxurious feeling. Since most bathrooms don’t have windows to let in natural light, an artificial source that gets as close as possible helps you feel more gorgeous when you’re getting ready in the morning.

There are a wide variety of styles to choose from. While most lighted makeup mirrors have a more modern vibe, you can find vintage-style ones too, and since LEDs can be easily hidden within the fame or mirror itself, you don’t need to have a Hollywood-style light fixture to apply makeup correctly.

Some lighted makeup mirrors are freestanding, while others attach to the wall with simple hardware or to another mirror with suction cups. If you rent, check to make sure that drilling holes in the wall is okay.

While most people use and store their lighted makeup mirrors in the bathroom, there’s another option: the bedroom vanity table.

It’s in right now to repurpose a desk, dresser, or even a single shelf into a bedroom corner devoted to getting ready, which means you need to integrate some kind of mirror. It’s the ideal opportunity to upgrade to a lighted makeup mirror to achieve perfect lighting.

Some extra features to be aware of when choosing a lighted makeup mirror:

  • Anti-fog coating
  • Multiple Mirrors
  • Multiple Magnifications
  • Touch-Screen Light Activation
  • Multidirectional Arm/Stand
  • Dual Battery/Outlet Power Source
  • Extra Batteries Included

Mirrors for Travelling

Lighted Makeup Mirror Buyers GUide

Ever applied lipstick using the selfie function on your phone? Yes, so have we, and that’s when it would have been nice to have a travel-sized lighted makeup mirror handy.

There are some very affordable battery-powered models that fold up to about the size of a foundation compact, making it easy to keep them in a purse or even a carry-on bag.

No more applying makeup in the airport’s bathroom mirror at 5am after a red-eye flight.

For the Guys, Too

Just in case you’re worried about wasting space on a gadget that only has one purpose, keep in mind that lighted makeup mirrors are useful whenever you need extra lighting and magnification. Shaving is a great time to use one.

Most men struggle to get a close shave or control other unwanted hair and using a lighted mirror can be a great way to address the problems of low lighting. We can’t do anything about the man-bun trend, though.


While we like the options of the Mirrormore, any of these LED Lighted Makeup Mirrors will provide better diffused light than a standard bathroom mirror. Once you take into account your space constraints, how often you travel with it, and the level of magnification that you need, it shouldn’t be hard to choose a mirror to help you get spot-on makeup, every time.

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