Best Gas Log Splitter Reviews

Best Gas Log Splitter Reviews 2019

When it comes to making short work of firewood, there aren’t many things in the world better than a gas powered log splitter. While it’s not ideal if you’re just trying to keep your fireplace lit for a night they’re absolutely awesome for making cords and cords of firewood.

If you’re looking into purchasing one of these powerful, and expensive, devices then you’ll be glad to know we’ve done the research for you and can present you with the best around.

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Best Overall !

For someone who needs to split firewood a couple of times a year, this is probably the best splitter on the market. The comparatively low cost and impressive power can make cutting firewood a thing of the past.

Top 5 Gas Powered Log Splitters

Champion Power Equipment 90720
Consumer7 ton
Dirty Hand Tools 100171Professional22 ton
Southland Outdoor Power Equipment Intermediate25 ton
Dirty Hand Tools 100408Professional27 ton
Dirty Hand Tools 100450Intermediate15-25 ton

Champion Power Equipment 90720

Champion Power Equipment 90720

The Champion Power Equipment 90720 is a great little log splitter for those who are looking to make firewood around the home. This 7 ton machine can handle logs up to 19.3” in length with surprising ease and it’s rather affordable for the amount of utility you’ll get out of it.

With a 20 second cycle time it’s not the quickest splitter out there, but most users will be pretty impressed as it takes care of their firewood in just an afternoon without having to break out the axe and block.

The horizontal orientation and low profile frame also make it easy to roll heavy logs up on to it, which gives it an advantage over most of the similar splitters on the market. It’s even got wheels so you can roll it out to where it needs to go and stick it back in the shed at the end of the day.

  • Easy to move
  • Low cost
  • 20 second cycle time
  • Low profile
  • Horizontal orientation
  • Goes through a lot of oil
  • Limited for large jobs

Dirty Hand Tools 100171

Dirty Hand Tools 100171

If you need big power and easy maneuverability around your property, this is a great place to start. Coming in with a surprising 22 tons of splitting power you can make short work of just about anything you might come across.

Stacked on top of that is the ability to go with horizontal or vertical orientation depending on how you’d prefer to do things.

While it’s a bit on the lower side of power for a professional grade log splitter, the cycle time is only 10.9 seconds which should be enough to keep just about anyone happy. If it fits, you’ll be able to take care of it in record time.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to get your own hydraulic fluid and oil and it can be something of a bear to assemble. Get a friend on hand when you get ready to put it together and you’ll be good to go though.

If you want to split wood, and split it fast, then this 22 ton unit is something you want to have around the house.

  • High powered
  • Dual orientation
  • 9 second cycle time
  • 22 tons of power
  • Splits up to 25” long logs
  • Doesn’t come with fluids
  • Hard to assemble alone

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SLS20825

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SLS20825

This intermediate grade splitter delivers 25 tons to make short work of anything up to 26 inches long. It’s remarkably easy to use, and in the vertical orientation you can roll logs right up to the base, upright them, and turn them into firewood without any issues.

It comes with a 2” hitch to make towing it easy right off the bat and has a 17 second cycle time which most people will find quick enough for splitting a few cords of wood here and there.

This is another one you’ll want to get a friend to help you assemble when you order it, but mostly just for the lifting power since it goes together nice and smooth apart from the heavy top bar.

It’s not the quickest, or the highest powered, but if you want a durable and reliable machine that’s easy to use then you’re looking in the right place.

  • 25 tons of power
  • Handles logs up to 26”
  • 2” hitch included
  • 17 second cycle time
  • Easy assembly
  • Expensive
  • No hydraulic oil included

Dirty Hand Tools 100408

Dirty Hand Tools 100408

This 27 ton gas log splitter is a beast. If you’re serious about taking care of firewood, then you’ll might want to spring for this one since it is definitely professional grade.

The 14 second cycle time makes it great for those in a hurry but the well-designed wedge and immense power means that you’ll rarely have to go through a full cycle to actually split the log.

Of course the low cost, for this heavy duty of a machine, is also a big draw. You simply won’t find this kind of tool at anywhere near the price point but as a budget machine it does lend itself to some issues. Most of them are quite easy to take care of, however.

The main thing that most people have to contend with is that it’s heavy. You’ll be moving this one with a truck or tractor… or not at all. If you can overlook a few flaws, however, the price is right and it’s extremely powerful and fast.

If you want a fairly low priced, professional grade log splitter then you’ll want to go with this log splitting champion.

  • 27 tons of power
  • Super well designed wedge
  • Fast cycle time
  • Low priced
  • 2” trailer hitch
  • Heavy
  • Multi-person assembly

Dirty Hand Tools 100450

Dirty Hand Tools 100450

If you’re type who prefers a three point hitch and a tractor to do the hauling, this splitter from Dirty Hands is designed for a tractor trailer and has all of the power and advantages of their other 25 ton unit.

This splitter actually has a variable power range which also means the cycle time can be varied depending on the size and type of log you’re splitting. At the low end of things you’re looking at only 9 seconds for a complete cycle, while at 25 tons you’ll see a 15.4 second cycle time.

Unfortunately for those who see a lot of opportunity within this one, however, it runs off of a tractor’s hydraulic lines so you’re out of luck if you don’t have the hook-ups and vehicle to operate it.

For those who want a tractor mounted unit, however, accept no substitutes to this gas powered log splitter which is certain to make your life a whole lot easier.

  • Variable power
  • Fast cycle time
  • Made for tractors
  • Well-designed wedge
  • Dual orientation
  • Needs a tractor
  • Base plate is small

When Should You Use a Gas Log Splitter

For most people who have relatively small firewood needs, it might be better to handle things with an axe and a chopping block. If you live in a cold climate, are working with large logs, or even want to sell off some of the excess lumber on your property however they’re pretty much indispensable.

Smaller splitters can be good for those who simply don’t want to bother with an axe. They’re relatively cheap and can save you a lot of labor.

For the really big stuff, however, there’s simply no substitute for a large log splitter. They’ll save you both time and backbreaking labor when it comes down to it and allow you to make fairly short work of some pretty impressive logs.

If you’re taking care of green wood any bigger than 6” in diameter, you really should look into investing in one of these. While seasoned wood can generally be split with the right hand tools and some patience, green wood causes some serious problems for even the experienced woodcutter and a log splitter can save you a lot of time and effort.

Gas log splitters

How to Size Your Gas Log Splitter

There are a ton of different size options available on the market, but the size is the most important thing for most people to take into account. When you’re looking at purchasing one this is the primary deciding factor for most people.

Consumer grade splitters are great for getting your firewood done or the year in a couple of sessions. They’ll range from 7-30 tons of power and can usually handle logs up to 21”. For the most part, however, you’ll still have to lift the log on top.

Make sure to look for a trailer attachment as well if you gather your wood from somewhere else. While some consumer models will have it, it’s definitely not guaranteed.

Intermediate, or “prosumer grades” are good for those who rely on splitting a lot of wood or want to split slightly bigger logs. They come with between 20 and 37 tons of power or so and can handle much bigger logs than the smaller consumer grade machines.

They can usually be oriented to allow you to roll logs under them as well, saving you some effort. Most of these will have a towing attachment, but not all, so keep that in mind if you don’t have the wood pile close to your home.

Professional grade splitters are the beefiest of the lot, made for those who split wood as part of their day job. These machines also range as high as 37 tons or more but they have a crucial difference from prosumer grade splitters: they have a much faster cycle time.

Simply put, these machines are the most powerful and the quickest working… as well as the most expensive. They’re generally overkill for those who are only looking to split wood for themselves, but they can be a big money maker if you’re so inclined.

What Else to Look for in a Gas Log Splitter

Once you know which size of machine is best suited for what you’re going to be doing, you’ll want to look into the rest of the machine to make sure that you’re getting what you need. The following qualities are the most important in making your decision.


We don’t normally rely on brands when we’re recommending tools, but in this instance you want a trusted and common brand.

Gas log splitters will break at some point. Those who’ve been making these tools for a long time offer you two advantages: they last longer and the parts are more readily available. It’s impossible to make an indestructible machine that produces this much force, so it’s best to be able to quickly repair it when the inevitable occurs.

Cycle Time

The cycle time is simply how long the splitter will take per log. This isn’t a big concern for most consumers, but if you’re impatient or trying to make money selling cords of wood then you definitely want to make sure that you’ve got a quicker machine.


It really doesn’t make sense for most people to break the bank when it comes to buying a splitter and go with a pro model. Instead, calculate what you need.

There are a couple of hidden costs to getting one of these machines, however, and you need to make sure that you factor them in.

The first hidden cost is gasoline consumption. Simply put: it takes gasoline to power these machines and you might want to research the fuel consumption when you make your purchase.

The second hidden cost is replacement parts. If you do your research you should be able to figure out what the most common breaking point is on the machine you’re looking at. While most gas log splitters will easily last for years before breaking with light use, you’ll still want to know the cost of replacement parts in the future.


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