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The Best Foot Massager in 2019 – Top Reviews

We tested the best foot massagers on the market, Miko Shiatsu Multi-Level Settings Foot Massager performed the best! A highly functional, quality-made product with plenty of exciting settings that will make your feet massage sessions more fun. If our #1 pick isn’t up to your expectations, make sure to check out the rest of them and discover what to look for in a foot massager to make sure it will serve you well after long, tiring days!

Best overall: Miko Shiatsu Multi-Level Settings Foot Massager

This multi-level foot massager offers five adjustable pressure levels and several vital features such as heat treatment and auto shut-off. It weighs 12 pounds and comes with a wireless remote for extra convenience. With its ultra-sleek, sanitary, and portable design, this massager can relieve foot pain anywhere you are.

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Top 5 Foot Massagers

Name Weight (Pounds) Special Features Price
Miko Shiatsu Multi-Level Settings 12 5 adjustable pressure levels, wireless remote, auto shut-off, heat treatment Check Price
CloudMassage Medical-grade Shiatsu 22 Medical-grade massager, includes heat, air compression pressure, and vibration treatment Check Price
MedMassager 11-Speed 11 11 speed settings, sturdy design Check Price
Brookstone F4 Shiatsu 12.65 Soothe, pulse, energize programs, heat treatment Check Price
Nekteck Infrared Shiatsu 7.2 Portable, infrared heat function Check Price

Best Overall Foot Massager


Miko Shiatsu Multi-Level Settings Foot Massager

Product Rating 5 /5
Reviewed by:

Looking for a simple way to melt tension and stress away? This Shiatsu Foot Massager lets you relieve tired, aching feet without effort. Whether you want to have a glass of wine, watch a movie, or have bonding time with family and friends, this machine is ultra-portable and has a compact design that lets you rejuvenate by massaging the sides and bottom of your feet.

This massager delivers deep-kneading and soothing vibrations to alleviate aches and tired muscles. Its center control panel comes with soft-touch buttons that let you adjust massage settings, including type, heat, and strength.

In addition to subtle vibrating, rolling, and deep-kneading, it also offers five different adjustable pressure levels that target pressure points. The manufacturer recommends using it first on the lowest setting before increasing the intensity gradually. It is also suggested to use this massager 30 minutes a day to keep your feet healthy and revitalized.

With dimensions of 16.9 x 15.7 x 7.8 inches and weight of 12 lbs, it slides swiftly under the sofa, bed or any closet. A removable cover is also included for easy washing.

Pros and Cons
  • 5 different pressure settings
  • Includes 2 wireless remotes
  • Portable and sleek design
  • Massages bottom and sides of feet
  • Air pressure massages all parts of your feet
  • Heat is not very powerful
  • Unless feet are really small, it may not reach the heel

2. Best Medical-Grade Foot Massager


CloudMassage Medical-grade Shiatsu Foot Massager

Product Rating 4.5 /5
Reviewed by:

Those who are suffering from foot problems such as plantar fasciitis can benefit from this foot massager by CloudMassage. It delivers a deep-kneading Shiatsu massage at your desired foot angle, so there is no need to force yourself from keeping your legs and knees together at a 90-degree angle.

Featuring multiple heat settings, this machine also provides vibrations, rolling ball massagers and air compression pressure to increase blood circulation and massage your toes, ankles, calves, and feet. All its features are also highly customizable according to your preferences. It also provides relief not only from tired feet but also from pain associated with diabetes, plantar fasciitis, and neuropathy.

With dimensions of 22 x 11 x 17.7 inches and weight of 22 pounds, this massager is easy to set up and the adjustable positions are convenient to use. The tilt angle is also great when you are sitting, watching films, reading a book, or simply relaxing on the couch.

You may experience a bit of ache for the first few times using this massager, but once you get used to it, your feet will feel better. It is best to start off at lower pressure, vibration, and heat setting and gradually increase the power.

Pros and Cons
  • Adjustable positions
  • Features multiple heat settings, vibration and air compression pressure
  • Delivers kneading shiatsu massage
  • Ideal for people with diabetes and plantar fasciitis
  • It also massages ankles, toes, and calves
  • May not be ideal for weak patients as it delivers intense massage
  • Doesn’t include a remote control

3. Best Foot Massager with 11 Speed Settings


MedMassager 11-Speed Foot Massager

Product Rating 4.5 /5
Reviewed by:

Designed for both home and professional use, this massager is FDA certified to ensure that it delivers great service until you feel relaxed. It features 11 different settings with each offering a unique speed to make sure that you feel the power of the unit. Its speed ranges from 1,000 to 3,700 rpm, allowing you to meet your needs within minutes.

Those who are suffering from diabetes and other chronic pain and diseases can benefit from this machine as it helps improve blood flow and relieve soreness. Even though it is a bit pricier than others, this massager is sturdy and made for ‘therapeutic and clinical use.’

The oscillating board vibrates and aims at specific pressure points with its textured rubber surface. It also lets you rest not only your feet but also your ankle and legs to improve the quality of your experience. Whenever you need a massage, this machine is fast and easy to use.

With dimensions of 16 x 12 x 9.5 inches and weight of 11 pounds, it has durable construction suitable for daily usage.

Whether you want to enjoy your favorite drink, read some books, or finish your work, this machine can be simply placed under the table as it gives your feet a relaxing, healing massage.

Pros and Cons
  • 11 speed options
  • Ideal for people with diabetes and neuropathy
  • Includes kit for use on tiled floor and hardwood
  • FDA certified
  • Targets pressure points
  • It only uses vibration
  • More expensive than others

4. Best Multi-Level Foot Massager


Brookstone F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager

Product Rating 4 /5
Reviewed by:

Treating yourself to a relaxing massage doesn’t have to be complicated. This machine by Brookstone brings aching feet back to life with its air compression and deep-kneading massage rollers. By alleviating muscle pain, tension and fatigue, this device promotes relaxation and rejuvenates your body by applying force to pressure points.

The kneading massage rollers stimulate key reflexology zones and work out aching areas while dual air compression massager gives gentle pressure, eases tension, and enhances circulation. The selectable functions let you create a custom massage experience.

Its three automatic massage programs include energize, pulse, and soothe. The energize is the strongest and delivers a stimulating rub to provide relaxation and improve circulation. The pulse setting gives deep muscle relief, and the soothe option is ideal when you’re dealing with serious pain and can’t handle intense massage.

This massager has dimensions of 16.8 x 8.8 x 14.4 inches and weight of 12.65 pounds. It is easy to use and can be taken anywhere, thanks to the inclusion of a grab handle. The built-in cord wrap also helps keep things tidy, and its zip-out lining makes the machine easy to clean.

Pros and Cons
  • 3 massage programs
  • Efficient controls and easy to use
  • Air compression delivers a comfortable pressure
  • Removable and washable fabric liners
  • Grab handle for easy transport
  • Rolling function may cause aching or discomfort
  • Not for people with plantar fasciitis

5. Best Portable Foot Massager


Nekteck Infrared Shiatsu Foot Massager

Product Rating 3.5 /5
Reviewed by:

With 6 massage heads and 18 rotating massager nodes, this machine has a heating function that helps alleviate foot pain and fatigued muscles. All heading nodes are located at the pressure areas of your feet to help improve your overall health. The device can improve and stimulate blood circulation while working the tension and knots in your muscles.

There is no need to bend down to turn this on or off. It has a big power button that lets you turn it on by using your toe. Once the machine is on, it lets you select the mode you want with another small button located close to you.

This foot pain reliever also has a wide and low design, making it stable to use. It keeps your feet comfortable even when placed on a shiny floor surface. The height is also adjustable according to the height of your sofa, chair, or armchair. This ensures that you feel comfortable when using the unit.

With dimensions of 15.9 x 14.3 x 4.7 inches and weight of 7.2 pounds, this massager has a compact design that lets you move it around easily. It also includes a carry handle for convenience.

Pros and Cons
  • Includes LED lights for visibility at night
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Comes with 18 rotating nodes
  • Features good heated massage
  • Carry handle for easy transport
  • Feet can slide during massage
  • It is too firm for some users

Benefits of Foot Massage

Are your feet getting tired from carrying you around and performing rigorous tasks? If you want to spoil yourself like a king and ensure that your feet have sufficient time to relax and rejuvenate, you can now give them a massage of your life with the help of the best foot massager there is! While all of this may sound too good to be true, technological advancement proves that comfort is only a device away. Since there are many products on the market, you have to make sure to get the one with features and settings that will suit your needs. Check out this ultimate buying guide and find out how to select your new feet bestie!

While comfort might be the first advantage that comes to your mind, there are plenty of health benefits of foot massage that can improve your overall health and the quality of life.

1. Improves Circulation

Blood circulation in the feet can be impaired due to several reasons such as sedentary lifestyle and improper muscle use that can be caused by wearing tight shoes or heels as well as by certain physical activities.

Fortunately, a 10 – 20-minute foot massage can significantly improve the blood flow and help people regain strength in their feet. Additionally, it encourages the body in transporting oxygen throughout the body which is crucial for one’s overall health.

2. Helps You Relax

Nothing feels better after a long and tiring day than a good foot massage. Besides helping you soothe tired feet it can also reduce swelling and relieve pressure that was gathering throughout the day.

Foot massage is also an excellent way for you to prepare for bed, as it is known to promote sound sleep and helps you fall asleep faster.

Another excellent effect of foot massage is its ability to fight depression and alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. The best way to achieve this is by using a professional foot massager that targets specific areas and stimulates pressure points responsible for prompting the release of endorphins, brain chemicals which are commonly also referred to as ‘feel good hormones.’

3. Reduces Headaches and Migraines

According to one study from Denmark, people experiencing headaches and migraines showed significant improvement in terms of reduced pain and increased comfort after applying reflexology treatment.

According to the reports, 65% of the patients in the study experienced a reduction in headache symptoms while some patients were entirely cured.

4. Helps with Plantar Fasciitis and Flat Feet

Top 5 Foot Massagers

People who have flat feet lack foot arch and may or may not be affected by this condition. While some don’t experience any symptoms, there are also those who feel pain even after mild physical activity.

Chronic heel pain, on the other hand, is often a result of deterioration or inflammation of plantar fascia, connective tissue responsible for supporting foot arch. Regular foot massage, in conjunction with proper exercise, can help relieve painful symptoms and in some cases even cure the condition.

5. Reduces Blood Pressure

High blood pressure also known as hypertension is a common health condition affecting millions of modern people. While the most common causes include unhealthy diet, excessive weight, and stress, environmental factors and genetics may also play a role.

Fortunately, regular foot massage sessions can help you reduce blood pressure by improving your mood and helping you relax your mind.

6. Alleviates Pain

Massaging your feet can alleviate pain, reduce muscle soreness, and even assist you in recovery after injuries. In combination with stretching and strengthening exercises that some foot massagers offer, massage can also prevent future injuries and make your feet stronger and more flexible.

7. Promotes Good Skin and Nail Health

Applying antimicrobial and moisturizing oils can help you ensure that your toenails stay strong and fungus-free. Oils such as almond or coconut oil can also prevent cracked, dry skin and protect your feet from thickening.

Why You Should Use a Foot Massager

One of the reasons why you should make use of a massager is that foot massage comes with plenty of benefits, especially when done correctly.

While you may be tempted to save some bucks and massage your feet using your hands, consider the following features that are exclusive to foot massagers:

  • Precise, detailed massage of the most vital areas of feet.
  • They are designed to suit common individuals as well as athletes and people recovering from an injury.
  • Easy-to-use, programmable.
  • They offer multiple settings to suit specific needs.
  • They may offer various types of treatment such as heat treatment.
  • You can use them anytime without having to rely on someone to take pity on you and give you a massage you deserve.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Foot Massager

When choosing a foot massager for yourself or your family, there are plenty of features to consider in order to make the right purchase. From weight and size to functions and settings, foot massagers greatly vary in what they offer.


  1. Shiatsu Foot Massagers

These are known to provide ultimate comfort and massage closest to real-life massage experience. They are based on the reflexology principle and consist of counter-rotating heads.


  • Plenty of therapeutic values
  • Best overall performance
  • They offer many settings and functions


  • Expensive
  • A bit bulkier and heavier than some alternatives
  1. Electric Foot Massagers

Electric massagers are a popular choice that boasts of its ease of use and reasonable pricing. They perform based on the mechanical process of rolling and oscillating and are often designed to provide vibration and heat treatment.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Very easy to use
  • Portable and convenient to transport


  • They offer little therapeutic value
  • They can be loud
  • Vibration might disturb some users
  • Less comfortable than shiatsu devices
  1. Therapeutic Foot Massagers

Benefits of Foot Massage

Unlike other devices, therapeutic foot massagers are designed to address your feet with medical concerns in mind as the first priority.


  • Top-quality performance and benefits
  • Designed to deliver medical benefits to users
  • Appropriate for athletes and those recovering from injuries
  • They typically massage not only the feet but also the heels, ankles, and lower legs.


  • Can get very expensive
  • Heavy and not very portable

Size & Weight

The ideal foot massager is the one that fits your home and your needs. Depending on where you want to use it and how often you want to move it around, carefully consider the weight of the foot massager before making a purchase.

While bulkier massagers are normally more versatile when it comes to functions, smaller, lighter alternatives can be more convenient and easier to use.

Features & Functions

Each foot massager has different settings and functions that make it unique. Some are easy to manipulate, some excel at a wide variety of functions they offer, and some provide more comfort than others.

Here are some of the most important features to watch out for:

  • Speed settings: select a foot massager with at least 2 or 3 speed settings to ensure you can adjust the speed to your likings.
  • Cushioning: most massagers have a cushion made of foam or gel that offers plenty of comfort. Some, however, don’t have a cushion and may feel unpleasant especially if you have sensitive feet.
  • Controls: these are typically located on the body of the massager. While having more controls means more options try to get the massager with the controls that you will actually use. For convenience, you might also be interested in massagers that come with a remote control.
  • Heating: Heat treatment can help relieve pain and boost blood flow. Most massagers offer adjustable heat functions that only affect specific areas of your feet.

How to Give Foot Massage

Even though a professional massage can make a lovely treat, it might not be practical for daily enjoyment. In case you want to give yourself good foot massage anywhere and for free, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Sit down in a comfortable position and bend one of your legs. Place your foot on the thigh of the opposite leg.
  2. Gently yet firmly rub massage oil into your nails and skin. Pay special attention to your toes, heel, and arch.
  3. For a deep massage, knead your foot by making a fist and using your knuckles.

Tip: Check out the foot reflexology charts to discover which areas of the foot to attend to the most depending on your personal needs.

Alternative Methods of Relaxing Your Feet

Is foot massaging not enough to soothe your tired feet? Here are some other ways of securing comfort and relaxing your feet.

Water Treatment

  • Fill one bucket with hot water and add some rock salt to it. Rock salt is famous for its ability to ease the pain.
  • Fill another basin with cold water and mix in a few drops of tea tree essential oil.
  • Dip your bare feet into the basin with cold water for approximately one minute.
  • Remove the feet and soak them in the basin with warm water for another minute.
  • Repeat the process three times and proceed to pat dry your feet with a clean towel.


Tired, sore, and swollen feet can be relaxed by elevating them at least five to ten inches above the heart level. This will reduce the swelling by allowing the blood to naturally move away from the legs and prevent it from pooling in your feet.

You can simply elevate your feet by lying down and placing a pillow below your legs.

Wear Appropriate Footwear

Low-quality shoes, tight footwear, and heels can cause great feet discomfort. Make sure to invest in footwear that provides comfort and offers proper arch support. Additionally, you can also invest in a pair of orthotics that will improve the biomechanics of your feet as you walk, run, or stand.

With proper orthotics in place, you can also reduce the risks of developing health issues related to hips, knees, and ankles.


Relaxing your feet after a tiring day or a demanding hike has never been easier. Foot massagers can help you reduce stress and relax your muscles. They also make an excellent gift for those seeking the ultimate level of comfort without having to pay a visit to a spa. Still, finding the right massager that will suit your needs is no easy job. You have to examine the offer carefully to make sure you get your hands on a reliable product that will last you for many years.

Fortunately, we narrowed down your search and presented the top five foot massagers currently available on the market. While Miko Shiatsu Multi-Level Settings Foot Massager is clearly the winner of this round due to its high-quality design, adjustable pressure levels, wireless remote, and auto shut-off function, none of the introduced devices will let you down. Hesitate no more and treat yourself to comfort and relaxation with the help of the best foot massager that you’ve been secretly craving all this time!


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