Picking the Best Flower Delivery Service

Having flowers delivered has a multitude of uses, whether romantic, thanking a business partner, or expressing sympathy for a recent event. Flower delivery services crop up pretty much everywhere there are folks with a message to send, which means that they’re pretty much everywhere when it comes down to it. 1-800-Flowers offers beautiful products and great customer service.

Of course, deciding if a service is reputable or if they’re going to deliver your flowers to the wrong person at the wrong time is pretty important. You want your arrangement sent in a timely fashion, as well as making sure that it ends up in the right hands.


Best Flower Deliver Service

Best overall: 1800flowers.com

Of all of the online services, 1-800-Flowers stands out head and shoulders above the competition in everything but pricing. They offer pretty much everything you could want from an online flower delivery service, including flowers, arrangements, food, and pretty much everything else you might be looking for.

Visit Their Website

Local vs. Online Flower Delivery Services

Rather than fretting or picking a number at random out of the phone book, we’ve prepared a guide for you to ensure that you end up with the service that you need to get your point across.

Both of these types of businesses have their own advantages. For many of us, there may not be a decent shop within driving distance which means that online services are the only way to get the point across, of course it’s also a good idea to support local businesses when you can… provided they can get the job done properly.

Both sides have their advantages and disadvantages, and picking which you think is the best for you is probably the main factor in who you go with.

Local Shops


Google can usually give you a good idea of which shops in the area will allow for delivery, if not you may need to resort to the yellow pages.

Our suggestion, if you’re planning on using a local service is to check the usual suspects to see who’s reputable and who’s not. Checking on Yelp and Google Business will usually give you a good idea of who’s running a tight ship or not.

When you go with a local business you can be assured you’re supporting the local economy and in most cases the chances of a mix-up are lessened since you’re in the same area as them.

Of course, their selection will generally be limited to what is in the shop, which can be a pretty big negative if you’re intent on sending large amounts of exotics or have your heart set on a specific, special idea.

On the plus side, you can usually meet the flower arranger and see their handiwork within the shop itself and forming a friendly relationship through frequent usage will often result in discounts over time.

Also, as an added advantage, you can often see the flowers in person and get a good whiff of them. This tactile advantage shouldn’t be underestimated, it’s a good way to ensure that you get exactly the effect you’re going for, especially if you’re not already intimately knowledgeable with flowers.

So, you could sum things up as follows:

Pros of Using a Local Business

  • Support the local economy
  • See handiwork in person
  • Know who you’re working with
  • Forming relationships in the community
  • Ability to see and smell flowers in person

Cons of Using a Local Business

  • May not have exactly what you want
  • Convenience may be limited

Online Businesses


Of course, there are also a ton of online businesses which specialize in sending flowers. How they stack up against your local flower shop will vary from business to business but as a general rule they’re able to provide a wider, if less personal, range of services.

When you’re looking into these businesses you’ll still have to do your research, of course, since each company has their own quirks and services and you want to make sure that you end up with someone who can reliably perform the tasks that you’re hoping for.

Once you’ve selected a service, however, you’ll find that it’s as convenient as opening a browser and making a couple of clicks and your gift will be on the way.

As an additional bonus, many online services also offer a wide range of other gifts including snack baskets and other things which you may want to send to a person. Each business will have their own arrangements in this area so it’s a good idea to give more than one company a look over.

Since ordering arrangements online can cost a good amount of money… make sure you use a reputable service. There are quite a few nationwide companies which handle this kind of thing, and the big ones are generally reliable but as with anything there’s going to be differences in service.

Pros of Using an Online Service

  • Super convenient
  • Often have a larger selection
  • Wider range of services
  • Easier to peruse


  • Service is more anonymous
  • Inability to take a look over flowers before purchase

Things to Look For in a Flower Delivery Service


What exactly you’re looking for when it comes time to pick your service will depend on what you’re trying to do.

At the bare minimum, you should be able to get a card and an arrangement delivered otherwise you’re probably calling the wrong business. There are a ton of different things which come concurrently with your flowers.

Gourmet foods, other gifts, and same day delivery are all things that some people can look forward to with the right service.

Other than the services which are offered, however, there is one big thing to look for before you decide on any kind of service: reviews.

Gauging Reviews

Any decent business will be likely to have at least a few good reviews online. Florists who work out of local shops are likely to have fewer reviews than online services, however, simply due to their smaller reach.

When it comes to picking an online service, on the other hand, you’ll want to make sure that the reviews are top notch. Customer service, wide ranges of service, and timely delivery are all things you need to make sure that your flowers make the correct impression when you’re sending them.

After all, do you really want to risk missing that anniversary?

The thing about online reviews is this: anyone can write them. This means that a lot of the time you’ll have to take both the exceptionally good and the exceptionally bad with a grain of salt because the truth is far more likely to lie somewhere in the middle of all of that.

Keep that in mind when you’re looking into a service and it will help you come away with realistic expectations.

Accuracy of Orders

Substitutions happen. What you want to make sure of is that the company doesn’t have a reputation for sending the wrong flowers repeatedly, especially if you find out that they’re substituting cheaper florals for more expensive ones.

This is one of the first thing people will bring up in negative reviews, which makes it rather easy to find out when you’re researching companies.


When you look over reviews there’s one thing to make sure of: that the deliveries are made on time. Flowers are generally used as a timely message, and missing the mark on a consistent basis is a good way to sift the bad ones out when you’re looking to use a florist.


You don’t have to deliver just flowers. Many businesses will let you deliver gift baskets of food, stuffed animals, or a wide array of other things along with or instead of flowers.

In addition, you can also go with dried or silk flowers with many services. These will last pretty much forever and you might just find that they’re a better choice if you intend to send a memento which is meant to last for a long time.

It’s these little personal touches which will help a service to stand out, and to ensure that your message is sent in exactly the right way.

Some Things to Keep in Mind


There’s some additional things to keep in mind when you’re going to use one of these services as well. If you do so, it will help to ensure a much better experience.

Plan Ahead

This is particularly important around holidays. Instead of hoping for a last minute deus ex machina delivery on Valentine’s Day, for instance, you’ll probably want to call ahead by at least a couple of weeks.

Florists get busy around certain holidays and that little bit of extra time will help greatly. You should be particularly mindful of this around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day which are two of the biggest holidays for florists.

Time to Bloom

Quite often, especially with flowers shipped online, you’ll be sent buds instead of flowers in full bloom in order to preserve the flowers for a longer period of time. If you’re hoping to present a bountiful bouquet of roses to your loved one then you may want to ship them to your house and care for them until the bloom.

On average you’ll be looking at three days or so.

Of course, it can also be a nice touch to let the person nurture them to bloom if that’s the effect that you’re going for.

Talk Price

While online services will generally have set prices, brick and mortar stores are much more likely to change their prices based on who they’re dealing with. Depending on the shop, a little bit of haggling may be in order.

Don’t press too hard, however, or you might end up with no flowers at all.

One other thing: ask if there will be a change in price if any substitutions have to happen. This is much more likely to happen with local stores, simply because the supply of flowers isn’t necessarily a constant.


If you’re planning on buying a lot of flowers for an event, we strongly recommend using a local shop for one reason: most of them will offer you a free consultation. Take advantage of this before you drop a ton of money on flowers for, say, a wedding and you can make sure that you end up with exactly what you need.

This way you’ll be able to see the available stock and arrangements before you make a final purchase.

It can help to make a serious impression and they’ll be glad for the business.

Our Online Pick: 1800flowers.com

Of all of the online services, 1-800-Flowers stands out head and shoulders above the competition in everything but pricing. They offer pretty much everything you could want from an online flower delivery service, including flowers, arrangements, food, and pretty much everything else you might be looking for.

They also offer same-day delivery, which is fantastic for those moments where you’ve forgotten until the last moment. You should probably still make sure you arrange things in advance for holidays of course but it can be a big boon for the forgetful among us.

On top of that, their website is super easy to navigate and will allow you to make your choices quickly and efficiently since the flowers are separated by occasion.

On average they also have pretty good reviews online which are easily found on Google and their scoring with the BBB is more than satisfactory.

So, if you don’t want to have to do the research yourself then they’re definitely a good option. Just keep in mind that exactly what’s available may depend on your area, but you can punch in your address quickly and easily on their site to make sure that what you’re looking for is readily available.


Ensuring that you’re using the best flower delivery service available can take some research. Of course, the pay-off is well worth it once you see the smile on your loved one’s face, so make sure to dig deep and get exactly what you need rather than settling for a mediocre service just because it’s available on the next corner.


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