The Best Eyelash Glue Reviews

The Best Eyelash Glue in 2019 – Top Reviews

We tested and reviewed some of the best eyelash glues on the market. Our personal favorite was KISS i Envy Eyelash Adhesive Super Strong Hold Clear, which goes on clear to work with a wide variety of lashes and seemed to have the least chance of any allergic reactions.

KISS i Envy Eyelash Adhesive
Best overall: KISS i Envy Eyelash Adhesive

This stuff may not be from one of the big brands, but it’s the best of the best and it’s suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.

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Top 5 Eyelash Glues

Name Type Rating
KISS i Envy Eyelash Adhesive Clear Liquid Strip Adhesive 5/5 Check Price
DUO Strip Lash Adhesive Clear Liquid Strip Adhesive 4.5/5 Check Price
ARDELL Duo Eyelash Adhesive Black Liquid Strip Adhesive 4.5/5 Check Price
NIKKILASH BADASS SENSITIVE Clear Individual Glue 4/5 Check Price
Kiss I Envy Individual Eyelash Adhesive Black Individual Glue 4/5 Check Price

1. Best Overall Eyelash Glue

KISS i Envy Eyelash Adhesive

KISS i Envy Eyelash Adhesive Super Strong Hold Clear

Product Rating 5 /5
Reviewed by:

Our personal favorite of the dozen or so glues our reviewers tried out was this product from Kiss i Envy. It’s a clear, liquid glue which is guaranteed to be formaldehyde and latex free. This means it should work for even the most sensitive people without any issues.

In addition to not causing any problems for all but the most sensitive people, it’s also got a strong hold. It’s also waterproof, so it’ll hold up through emotional moments and in humid conditions. It was also favored by reviewers with oily skin.

It takes a little bit to dry, but if you wait until its tacky then you’ll have an easy time of it.

It’s not the longest lasting, but for someone who likes to apply their lashes daily it’s an excellent option. It’s one of the best around for hold, it’s waterproof, and it seems to come off much easier than you’d expect for this kind of hold.

Pros and Cons
  • Holds for a full 24 hours
  • Waterproof and easy to remove
  • Works great with most skin types
  • Contains none of the common ingredients which cause allergies
  • Glue likes to gather in the tip, clear it or it’ll harden
  • Smells a bit odd

2. Runner Up for Best Eyelash Glue

DUO Strip Lash Adhesive

DUO Strip Lash Adhesive White/Clear

Product Rating 4.5 /5
Reviewed by:

Anyone who’s into fake eyelashes knows that DUO makes some of the best stuff around. This glue is a solid product, with a full day hold and it dries clearish white with little residue.

This stuff is great for beginners and some people have had it as part of their daily routine for years. The adhesion is great, albeit not waterproof, and some people have found that with the right skin it can even last for a few days at a stretch.

It does have formaldehyde in it, however, so those with exceptionally sensitive skin may want to steer clear, or at the very least try to avoid getting fumes in their eyes.

On the other hand, the superior hold makes it perfect for many people, and there’s a big reason why it’s one of the best drugstore eye lash glues around since it’s available almost everywhere.

If you’ve got the skin for it, this white adhesive is one of the best around. It holds for an exceptional period of time and applies quickly and easily to let you get the look you deserve.

Pros and Cons
  • Superior adhesion for an amateur product
  • Long history of daily usage
  • Makeup artist approved
  • Strip adhesive works well with all kinds of lashes
  • Doesn’t dry completely clear
  • Has some irritants in its formula

3. Best Dark Toned Eyelash Glue

ARDELL Duo Eyelash Adhesive

ARDELL Duo Eyelash Adhesive Dark Tone

Product Rating 4.5 /5
Reviewed by:

For those who are intent on a dark, bold look with their lashes this is pretty much identical to the DUO glue described above with the exception of drying a bold black color which goes great for those who want to accent their lashes.

This adhesive is strong for an amateur product, but it’s also easy to remove at the end of the day. There are still some problems with irritants but it’s better than many of the options out there if you happen to have sensitive eyes.

The dark tone can also help to cover up mistakes, making it an ideal beginner’s lash glue, as long as you don’t mind the extra bit of enhancement you’ll get around your eyes.

If you’ve been looking for a dark tinted lash glue with a strong hold and minimal irritation, pick up this version of DUO Eye Lash Adhesive. This strip glue is great for beginners as well.

Pros and Cons
  • Strong adhesion which lasts all day
  • Dark tinting highlights eyes and covers up mistakes
  • Easy to apply strip glue
  • Less chance of irritation than some glues
  • Can irritate some people’s skin
  • Tone can be troublesome for some skin tones

4. Best Professional Eyelash Glue



Product Rating 4 /5
Reviewed by:

A word of caution: most amateurs shouldn’t be using this glue. That’s not marketing, it’s just the plain truth.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a long-lasting solution to add extensions or highlights to your eyelashes, then this is the best of the surgical glues. While many of them contain a ton of extremely irritating components, this one seems to be tolerated by most people fairly well.

This is a semi-permanent glue, and we must stress that it’s really only for use by professionals since a mess up can end really badly. On the other hand, professionals have to pick a product somewhere and a glue which holds for seven to eight weeks and is tolerated by most clients is a welcome addition.

It dries extremely quickly, in 8-10 seconds, and has a semi-permanent hold which will leave your clients looking their best for an extended period.

If you’re a professional and trying to find a glue which will be tolerated by most of your clients, then this is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Beginners and intermediates should steer far clear of it, however.

Pros and Cons
  • Extremely long hold
  • Tolerated by most people
  • Suitable for any kind of false lash artwork
  • Great for professionals with sensitive clients
  • Not suitable for most home applications
  • Expensive

5. Best Individual Lash Glue

Kiss I Envy Individual Eyelash

Kiss I Envy Individual Eyelash Adhesive Jet Black

Product Rating 4 /5
Reviewed by:

For those looking to maximize their artistry at home, this jet black adhesive is the best around. It’s suitable for those individual highlight lashes that let you customize your look as much as you want.

It dries jet black, making it suitable for that dramatic look which many people love. There’s no grey tint here, this stuff is dark when it’s finished so you’ll probably want to finish it up with eyeliner.

This glue will hold for a minimum of 24 hours, with some of our reviewers finding it lasted even longer. Even better, it’s super non-irritating and won’t break the bank to add to your list of tools.

If you’re looking for the best individual lash glue around… this is it. Try the clear version if you really need to, but we love the dark tinted formulation.

Pros and Cons
  • Dries jet black for a dramatic look
  • Suitable for individual lashes
  • Allows for some impressive artistry in the right hands
  • Holds for at least 24 hours
  • Not suitable for strip lashes
  • Some people prefer the clear version

What is Eyelash Glue?

Finding the right eyelash glue can be a monster pain, but it really shouldn’t be. Between different types of false eyelashes, different reactions to chemicals, and the fact that your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your body… let’s face it, finding the right eyelash glue is more than a pain, it can be a downright risky venture.

You might want something longer lasting or more specialized, however, so hop into the five top reviews of eyelash glues and then we’ll break down exactly what you should be looking for and give you some handy tips to get the most out of your stuff.

Eyelash glues are an adhesive meant to hold on false eyelashes. It seems obvious, but there’s a little bit more to it than that, otherwise we’d all just use Gorilla glue and call it good.

If you’ve ever poked yourself in the eye, and face it, most of us have, then you know that your eyeballs are quite sensitive. This means that a number of different glues have been produced in order to make sure to avoid allergies and any kind of bad reaction.

There are also two kinds of adhesives which are used for false lashes: strip adhesives are for strip lashes but can also be used for individual lashes. They’re the most common and probably the best place to start if you’re a beginner.

Individual lash adhesives are applied to the lashes and are usable only with individual rather than strip false lashes. They’re not really suitable for strips, and they tend to have a much stronger hold than strip adhesives.

The biggest difference here is this: strip adhesives are applied to the eyelid while individual lash adhesives are applied to the lashes.

Types of Eyelash Glues

What is Eyelash Glue

There are a few different types of eyelash glue available, in addition to the general distinction between strip and individual adhesives.

Liquid glues work very well, and are usually the best choice for those with sensitive skin. They’re pretty awesome and simple to use, and can be found in varieties that lack irritating chemicals.

Latex adhesives are great and traditional… as long as you’re not allergic to rubber. If you do have a rubber allergy then the last thing you’ll want to do is apply this stuff to your eyelids, it’s just not going to work.

Cream eyelash glues are ideal for advanced users, but beginners need to be careful with them. That’s not due to any damaging potential, but instead because they have a tendency to clump and look uneven when applied improperly. They’re the most customizable of the lot, however, and are great for applying individual lashes or clusters rather than entire strips.

You’ll also need to consider whether you want to use a waterproof adhesive or not. Waterproof adhesives resist moisture from humidity, crying, and all of that much more easily. On the other hand, they’re also a lot harder to remove at the end of the day, so you may be stuck with your eyelashes for a while before they can be removed.

Choosing Your Eyelash Glue

Since it’s all a lot more complex than many people assume at first glance, you’re going to want to ensure that you’ve got all of the following in order before you make your final decision.


The color of the glue used is important. While many people opt to use clear glues, and they do work well for a wide variety of different colored lashes and feathered false eyelashes. They’re great for more advanced designs, integrating multiple colors, as well.

On the other hand, black adhesives are great for darker lashes and can achieve a much bolder, dramatic look.

Just match the tone and you’ll be on the right track.


For beginners… stick with a liquid or latex based strip adhesive. It’s just easier to use overall.

If you’re going for a more advanced look, then you’ll have to match the glue you use with your intended application. This makes things a little bit more complicated, but in most cases people will have experimented quite a bit by the time they get there.

Basically strip glues are good for pretty much all false lashes, but they don’t hold all that long. Individual lash glues are really only good for individual lashes, and tend to have a much stronger and longer lasting hold.

Duration of Hold

Top 5 Eyelash Glues

Most strip glues hold for roughly a full day, but professional glues can hold for a lot longer.

There’s a caveat to this, however: we don’t recommend amateurs use “professional” or “surgical” grade glues until they’re sure of what they’re doing.

A simple mistake with one of those can result in some pretty “awesome” end results that you’re going to want to avoid.

Waterproof or Not?

Waterproof glues are pretty much required in humid conditions or for emotional events such as weddings, but they have a major drawback: they’re a lot harder to remove.

This means that a lot of people go with non-waterproof glues when they’re not going to be in conditions where waterproofness is needed. After all, it’s much better to be able to remove your lashes once the big night out is over than to have to deal with them when you just want to go to bed.

Your Intended Application

How long you’re planning on wearing your false lashes and how you intend to style them is a huge factor in which glue is going to be ideal.

The application difference between a night at the club and a full-blown makeup artist’s exhibition is going to be big, after all.

Ask yourself the following before you decide on a final glue:

  • How long do you intend to wear your false lashes?
  • What color are you planning on your lashes being?
  • Are you going to use strip lashes, clusters, or individuals?

The above three questions are going to get you on the right track to making sure you’ve got the right lash adhesive, rather than just one that’ll “work.”

Applying Your False Lashes

Applying fake lashes is a detailed art, and the more practice you get while doing it the better off you’ll be. It’s still important to approach it mindfully, instead of in a haphazard manner, however, so try the following tips in order to make sure you’re working down the right road.

Prepare the Fake Lashes

It’s pretty rare that you’ll buy lashes that are just ready to go right out of the box. Since we all have differently sized eyes there isn’t exactly a “one size fits all” approach.

If you have to cut them to fit, use sharp scissors and approach the strip from the back rather than cutting through the lashes themselves. Nail scissors are pretty much ideal for the job, allowing remarkable precision due to their small, sharp blades.

You’ll also want to curl them around a makeup brush or other round object in order to minimize the chances of pop-up after you apply them.

Prepare Your Lashes

Having a stable base is one of the most important parts of applying your fake lashes and having them enhance your look.

For most people, this is going to mean curling and applying mascara to their lashes before you apply them. This provides a stable “shelf” to hold the lashes.

Apply Glue to the Lashes

Next, you’ll need to apply the glue to your lashes. In most cases, this is going to be strip glue applied evenly along the entire length of the modified eyelash while you’re holding it with a pair of tweezers.

Don’t just put the glue on and stick them on, however, instead you should wait just a little bit of time if you’re using a liquid glue. This will let the solution become tacky instead of being a liquid, which will allow you to stick them on easier than you would otherwise.

Then you’ll simply need to apply the lash to your eyelid and you’re good to go.

Finishing Up

After the lashes are on, you can hide the line pretty easily by applying another coat of mascara and some eyeliner to create a more natural look.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it just right the first time, after some time you’ll get the hang of things as long as you keep trying.

Removing Your False Lashes

When you need to remove them, it’s going to depend on the type of glue you used.

Most strip adhesives come off quite easily, a simple tug and you’ll be able to remove the lashes.

More professional glues are going to require a remover. Follow the directions, but as a general rule you’ll apply them and let them sit for a small amount of time before you remove them.

You may want to do a spot treatment for more advanced removal compounds as well. Just place it somewhere on your skin and make sure that you don’t have a reaction to it since it’s likely to be sitting on your skin for a bit.

Allergic Reactions and Eyelash Glue

The Best Eyelash Glue Reviews

Unfortunately, it’s possible for people to have allergic reactions to glues. If you know you have allergies to certain materials, then you’re going to have to avoid them when deciding on a glue.

The most common reaction is to latex. Chances are that you already know if you’re going to have a reaction to latex, its common enough that you’re likely to have encountered the material before.

The other possible serious reaction is to cyanoacrylates. It’s the same chemical as super glue and it can cause some serious swelling and redness when applied.

There are, of course, other possible reactions as well, including from minor irritation from fumes. The difference can usually be told by swelling rather than just redness. If that’s the case, and it’s not a medical emergency, then an over-the-counter histamine should reduce the symptoms and you should remove the glue as completely as possible at the first given opportunity.

Spot Testing

This means that spot testing is extremely important with eyelash glues.

Take a spot and put it on a place out of the way but still sensitive. Behind the ear is a good example, and allow the glue to dry. When it’s done, check to see if there’s any dermatitis reaction such as redness, which will allow you to know if the glue is too strong for you.

There are a lot of glues made with minimal allergens, and if you know you already have sensitive skin then you’re going to want to test all glues regardless.

While these reactions don’t generally turn into a medical emergency, they can absolutely ruin your look.

The Best Eyelash Glue


Finding the best eyelash glue for your skin and your application of fake lashes is a great way to slide into a new look. Whether you’re super sensitive and just beginning, or a professional makeup artist looking to complement their features with a wide array of fake lashes and feathers, the right glue is out there, waiting for you.

Take a look over our favorites, but don’t let that limit you. The perfect glue for every person and their look is just waiting for the right person to find it.

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