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The Best Eyelash Curlers in 2019 – Top Reviews

We decided to test and review some of the most popular eyelash curlers on the market, we would like to present to you the Brilliant Beauty Lash Prodigy Eyelash Curler, a highly affordable, stainless steel curler that every woman should have. If our #1 pick is not up to your expectations, make sure to check out the rest of them and discover different types and find out what to look for in an eyelash curler to make sure it will serve you well!

Best overall: Brilliant Beauty Lash Prodigy Eyelash Curler

This affordable curler comes with a long curl surface and ergonomic body. It is made of stainless steel and is appropriate both for home as well as professional use. The curler is designed to fit all eye shapes and sizes and comes with absolutely no tugging, no pulling, and no broken lashes.

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Top 5 Eyelash Curlers

Name Type Material Price
Brilliant Beauty Lash Prodigy Classic Stainless Steel Check Price
Laura Mercier Portable / Pocket Plastic Check Price
Kaasage Eyelash Curler Classic Stainless Steel Check Price
eTTgear Portable Electric / Heated ABS plastic Check Price
Petunia Skincare Classic Stainless Steel Check Price

1. Best Overall Eyelash Curler


Brilliant Beauty Lash Prodigy Eyelash Curler

Product Rating 5 /5
Reviewed by:

Designed to fit all eye sizes and shapes, this eyelash curler by Brilliant Beauty creates voluminous curled eyelashes without pulling and snagging. The manufacturer guarantees no tugging at all due to its safe mechanism and operation. Uplifting and curling your lashes takes only seconds with this curler’s easy-to-use handles.

Made with silicone and quality stainless steel frame, this curling device is suitable even for those with natural rubber allergies. It is also very durable, and its ergonomic design makes it easy and convenient to use.

What’s more is that it has a longer curl surface than most alternatives. This makes the task easier for first time users and those with shaky hands. This curler also works well with straight and thin lashes, letting you create a dramatic, swooping curl with no broken lashes. Your eyelash style may last all day due to the strength applied to your hair.

This eyelash curler is available in Rose Gold, Prism, and Platinum colors. The package also includes a satin travel pouch, two silicone refill pads, and a user’s manual.

Pros and Cons
  • Made of certified surgical stainless steel
  • Meets strength, hygiene, and quality standards
  • Hypoallergenic surgical steel
  • It comes with two silicone pads
  • Satin travel pouch included
  • May seem very tight at first
  • A few reviewers mentioned that the curler becomes wobbly

2. Best Portable Eyelash Curler


Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler

Product Rating 4.5 /5
Reviewed by:

When it comes to sporting a beautifully curled lash, Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler comes in handy. This compact device doesn’t have bulky finger rings but does the job of traditional eyelash curlers.  It is more space-efficient than other curling devices available on the market, making it ideal for traveling or bringing with you in small bags.

Great for achieving both natural and dramatic look, the Laura Mercier eyelash curler fits all eye types. The cushiony pad is also comfortable to use, so there is no need to worry about your lashes getting pulled.

It has an easel-style handle that flips down to apply the right amount of pressure on your lashes with the cushiony pad, giving lasting curls without pinching or grabbing. By creating incredible curl and lift to lazy lashes that usually lay flat, it adds awakening effect to the eyes and highlights any eye appearance.

To use this innovative curler, flip the easel-style down and position your lashes into the device. Gently squeeze to achieve the desired curl and flip the handle up to lock the position.

Pros and Cons
  • It curls lashes quickly, making eyes appear full
  • Pad is comfortable and cushiony
  • Gives lasting curls
  • Compact and innovative design
  • Fits all eye types
  • Push handle is a bit fragile
  • Difficult to use at first

3. Best Eyelash Curler with High-grade Pads


Kaasage Eyelash Curler With 5 High-Grade Silicone Pads

Product Rating 4 /5
Reviewed by:

Made from high-quality materials that last a lifetime, this eyelash curler by Kaasage is combined with durable body and soft silicone pads that hug lashes for incredible curl and lift. It works great with most eye shapes, making this curler ideal for both professional level and personal use.

Featuring bouncy and super soft silicone pad, it prevents the skin from getting pinched and stops lashes from getting pulled. For additional comfort, it features easy-to-grip handles that reduce user fatigue.

The pads are not only soft but also well-structured and durable, so there is no need to replace it frequently. Even so, the package comes with five silicone pads to extend the life of the curling device.

Besides almond-shaped eyes, this eyelash curler can be used for various eye shapes due to its high level of adaptability and unique design. The combination of soft-silicone pad and stainless steel keeps your lashes curly all day long.

Pros and Cons
  • Five high-grade silicone pads included
  • Works with most eye shapes except almond eyes
  • Pads are soft and well-structured
  • High-quality construction
  • Excellent for both professional and personal use
  • Some reviewers mentioned that the curler pulled out their lashes
  • A few complaints of pinching

4. Best Electric Heated Eyelash Curler


eTTgear Electric Portable Heated Eyelash Curler

Product Rating 4 /5
Reviewed by:

Different from traditional eyelash curlers, this automatic curler is operated by batteries to deliver curly and voluminous lashes. This easy-to-use device takes only a few seconds to lift your lashes without damaging them or hurting your skin.

Designed with two different temperatures, it allows you to adjust the heat according to your needs. It has pure aluminum metal heat transfer to protect the eyes. Using this device with high temperature doesn’t damage the hair, and it curls the eyelashes quickly and safely without pulling or pinching.

This innovative device comes with brush and comb teeth which are used after applying mascara. With a compact design, it fits easily in small bags and pouches.

It is instructed to warm up this device for 30 seconds before selecting the first or second gear. Once the pink gel becomes colorless, the eyelash curler is ready.

After applying your mascara, you can place the brush of the curler under your lashes. Wait for a few seconds before lifting it up slowly. Once you’re done, divide the root, tail, and middle, and press every step for five seconds.

Pros and Cons
  • Uses heat for long-lasting curls
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Comes with LED light
  • Portable and compact
  • It comes with comb and cleaning brush
  • Requires batteries to work

5. Best Affordable Eyelash Curler


Petunia Skincare Eyelash Curler

Product Rating 3.5 /5
Reviewed by:

Constructed with premium stainless steel, this curler by Petunia Skincare lets you get beautiful, creaseless, and bold lashes quickly with its press-and-go design. The durable handles give you full control over how strong you want your curls to be, allowing you to achieve your desired results without experiencing any pulling, ripping, or pinching.

Whether you have flat or short lashes, this salon-quality curler lets you enjoy fuller and thicker lashes in seconds. It features quality non-slip silicone rubber thumbprint handles to create a comfortable, easy, and anti-slip grip experience. This makes it ideal to use even for people with arthritis or weak hands.

What’s more, the thick, cushioned silicone pads and their precision design help create more voluminous lashes without touching the skin. They carefully contour to the shape of your eye to prevent hair from getting pulled and skin from getting pinched.

For longer-lasting curling experience, the package also comes with two additional silicone curling pads.

Pros and Cons
  • Non-slip rubber grip gives more leverage and control
  • Comes with two additional silicone pads
  • Constructed with premium stainless steel
  • Easier to use than scissor-shaped curlers
  • Fits all eye sizes and shapes
  • The handle may be too big for those with smaller hands
  • Some users have reported that their eyelashes got stuck on the silicone pad

Eyelash Curler Advantages

Are you looking for ways to give your eyelashes a decent makeover and make your bestie ‘hate’ your new looks? By using the right tool, you can now curl your eyelashes and turn into a stunning beauty in a matter of seconds. Throughout the years, eyelash curlers have significantly developed in their functionality and features. Finding the right one, however, can be a daunting task since there are countless products on the market. To make sure you get what you need and what you deserve, we’ve prepared a complete buying guide with multiple top-rated products available on the market. Check out what they are all about and pick the best eyelash curler for your future makeovers!

Eyelash curlers are an excellent tool used for creating an illusion of brighter and bigger eyes and extending the eyelashes while making them stand out. There are many different types and different tactics when it comes to providing your eyes with a well-defined shape.

Fortunately, eyelash curlers are very affordable and easy to use. They are also highly portable and perfect for carrying around in a handbag. This way, you can achieve the look that would otherwise require a professional from anywhere at any time.

Certain eyelash curlers are designed not only to provide short-term effect but to create a look that lasts for several days.

Are There Any Risks?

While the curlers are perfectly safe to use, improper techniques may result in unwanted consequences. If you pull your eyelashes too much, for example, you may weaken their roots. By holding down the clamp for increased periods of time, one can also damage their eyelashes which might result in increased fall out.

Different Types of Eyelash Curlers

Different Types of Eyelash Curlers

Not only are there dozens of prominent brands but there are also several different types of curlers to choose from. Each of these tools has their own features and methods of use.

Standard Curlers

These traditional metal or plastic curlers feature scissor-like handles and a curved curling pad. They are by far the most popular and the most affordable choice.


  • Extremely cheap and may cost you as little as $5 considering that they are made of stainless steel. Those made of worse materials may cost even less.
  • Very durable and may last for years if properly taken care of.
  • Since they are the oldest and most popular option, they come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and curves.
  • Widely available online as well as in most local drugstores. There are also tons of choices and price ranges.


  • Minor mistakes when it comes to handling them can cost you dearly. It is easy to pluck lashes by accident using these products.
  • They might pinch your eyelid by mistake. This can get painful.
  • Due to mascara being able to stick to the clamp, they are not ideal for use after applying mascara.
  • Might result in undesired 90-degree, angular curls.

Portable Curlers

Also known as travel or pocket curlers, portable eyelash curlers are excellent for on-the-go.


  • Small and highly convenient. They are designed to fit in bags as well as in the smallest pockets and take little to no space. Perfect for traveling.
  • They are pinch-proof and more likely to offer comfortable eyelash makeover.
  • Great for creating long-lasting lash curls.
  • Ideal for small eyes due to the small curve they offer.


  • Due to their tiny size, it might take some time getting used to them.
  • Since they are typically made of plastic, they aren’t as durable as other alternatives. The plastic lever used for curling the eyelashes might crack after months of use.
  • They are not appropriate for those with wide eyes. Because of their small size, it can be difficult to fit an entire lash into the clamp area.

Electric Curlers

Electric curlers produce heat which is utilized for curling the eyelashes fast and easily. They work similarly as curling irons and provide satisfying results.


  • High-tech solution that typically provides the best results amongst all of the types.
  • Curls your lashes gently without the need for force. It also reduces the chance of lashes falling out.
  • Can be used to tame stubborn lashes that don’t want to stay in one place.
  • If used properly, the curls created with the help of heat might last you for several days.
  • You can use them after applying mascara for extra effect. The heat warms up the mascara, allowing you to additionally bend the eyelashes before the mascara hardens again.
  • They provide a natural-looking curl rather than a forced, angled one.


  • They are the most expensive type of curlers and may cost you anywhere from $10 - $50.
  • They require batteries to run. You might need to replace them weekly if you use the curler a lot.
  • They involve heat and people may be scared to put the curler next to their eyes even though it is perfectly safe to use.
  • They require users to learn the techniques needed when handling this equipment.

Precision Curlers

These mini curlers allow you to fill the gaps that other eyelash curlers might miss.


  • Excellent for precise, detailed eyelash adjustments.
  • It is small and convenient to carry around.
  • Due to the lack of sides, it reduces the risks of pinching.
  • Perfect for handling fake lashes as well as short eyelashes.
  • Can be used for all eye shapes and sizes.


  • Time-consuming.
  • Require learning to achieve positive results.
  • They might result in creating awful angles if pressed too hard or clamped for too long.
  • They perform as a supplemental product and aren’t encouraged to be used as the leading eyelash curler.

Features to Consider When Buying an Eyelash Curler

Are you still thinking about which eyelash curler is the best for you? Consider these features when choosing your new beauty collection addition!


Before you can choose the right type for your needs, you need to identify the type of your eyelashes. As previously mentioned, each type of curler has different advantages and disadvantages. Choose the right type based on how your eyelashes look like.

For the purpose of convenience, we suggest you get one electric curler and one portable or standard curler. This will allow you to come up with exceptional curls while at home as well as when you’re outside without having to carry your precious electric curler with you.


In general, you should opt for metal curlers if you require a high level of durability. While plastic ones might be more prone to breaking, those made of sturdy materials such as ABS plastic are sturdy enough for most users.


Some eyelash curlers come in a pack including extra pads. Make sure you check how many additional pads the package offer. It’s always good to have plenty of extra pads at your disposal.

How to Curl Your Eyelashes: Tips & Tricks

Top 5 Eyelash Curlers

Are you looking forward to bringing eyelash curling to the next level? Here are some tips that might help you out!

Curl in different areas

Most women think that pushing lashes into the clamp and pressing hard is enough to get the perfect curls. However, there are also many positions that you should explore for optimal results.

Get the spots right, and you will achieve beautifully curled lashes. Consider two to three areas: the middle of your lashes, at the base of the lash line, and at the end of your lashes for a ‘C’ curl.

Switch to waterproof mascara

After getting the perfect curls, it is now the time to apply your mascara. But you do not want your lashes to straighten and fall, right? To prevent this from happening, switch to waterproof mascara.

Curl and wand

For those who have long lashes, this tip might help you enjoy fuller lashes in a snap. Take your lash curler and clamp the base of your lashes. Leave it there as you apply the mascara. The clamper will help counteract the weight of your mascara while keeping your eyelashes lifted.

Use a blow dryer

You can transform your traditional curler into a heated eyelash curler by heating it up with a blow dryer. Using heat will make your lashes curl better and cause the style to last longer. It is best to use the lowest heat settings as you do not want your curler to become extremely hot.

Check your angle

Dramatic and expressive eyes can also be achieved by using a regular eyelash curler. Simply clamp at the base of your eyelashes and hold it almost vertically. As you move up to the middle, release and turn the curler horizontally to make it parallel to the rest. Clamp and press gently. To finish off, move the curler to the tips of your lashes and hold again with the curler almost upright.

Common Eyelash Curler Mistakes

Got an eyelash curler but can’t achieve the desired results? Make sure you avoid these mistakes!

Curling lashes after applying mascara

This mistake doesn’t only make your curler extra greasy, but it also damages your lashes. When mascara dries, your lashes become stiff and less flexible. This means that curling them under these conditions can result in breakage and shorter lashes.

Not cleaning your lash curler

Even if you always use your curler before applying mascara, there is a chance that bacteria, eyeshadow, dead skin cells, and eyeliner are accumulating on it. It is best to clean your curler once a week using a cotton pad and rubbing alcohol.

You don’t replace the pads

The pad inside your curler can get dirty, so it is important to have extra pads ready and replace them every few months.

Clamping too hard

Pressing your curler too hard will not only lead to a 90-degree angle bend, but it can also damage your lashes. Long, healthy lashes can be achieved by applying gentle pressure to your lashes. Using a high-quality curler won’t require you to clamp down too hard.

Using cheap curlers

It is true that you can experiment with cheap eyeliners and lipsticks, but it is a different story when it comes to lash curlers as you do not want it to harm your delicate lashes.


Eyelash curlers have become indispensable partners for all women who are after practicality and gorgeous, outstanding eyelashes. With the right eyelash curler in your handbag, you can achieve the perfect look from anywhere in a matter of seconds. Still, finding the right curler that will suit all of your needs is no easy job. You have to examine the offer carefully to make sure you get your hands on a reliable product that will last you for many years.

Fortunately, we narrowed down your search and presented the top five curlers currently on the market. While the Brilliant Beauty Lash Prodigy Eyelash Curler is clearly the winner of this round due to its affordable price and convenient design, all of the products mentioned will make a great addition to your beauty collection. Choose the best eyelash curler and enjoy your new looks!


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