Best Electric Range Reviews

Best Electric Range Reviews in 2019

We decided to test and review some of the best electric ranges on the market. We’ve done some pretty extensive research in order to make sure that we’re able to bring the best of them straight to your door. Our personal favorite? The durable GE Cafe CHS985SELSS which offers the best of all worlds.

Best overall: GE Cafe CHS985SELSS

It’s a standout option in the world of electric ranges, and the price reflects that. But if you’ll only accept the best, then you’ll find out in a hurry that this is it, just make sure you have ferromagnetic cookware for the induction top.

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Top 5 Electric Ranges

Name Stove Type Oven Type
GE JB860DJBB 30" Smoothtop Double, Top Electric, Bottom Convection Check Price
GE PS950SFSS 30" Smoothtop Double, Top Electric, Bottom Convection Check Price
GE Cafe CHS985SELSS Induction Single, Check Price
GE JBS30DKWW 30 Inch Coil Single Check Price
Frigidaire FFEF3016TW 30 Inch Coil Single Check Price

1. Best Induction Topped Electric Range


GE Cafe CHS985SELSS 30 Inch

Product Rating 5 /5
Reviewed by:

There’s something amazing going on here, and it’s not just the Wi-Fi capabilities of this smart electric range.

It’s the induction cooktop. Induction is simply the best around when you’re working with electric options, and that means the price on this one is hard to fight with.

On top of that you receive a great 5.6 cubic foot oven underneath. It’s smooth, easy to control, and there’s even something special about it.

The whole thing also syncs with your phone, allowing you to control the oven without even being in the room.

All of this is put together in a super-stylish minimalistic design. The brushed stainless steel exterior makes it look exactly like what it is: the absolute pinnacle of electric range innovation.

Pros and Cons
  • Double oven, with the lower being convection
  • Smooth, easy to clean stove
  • Five burners on smoothtop
  • Total of 6.6cu ft. in the ovens
  • Top oven isn’t convection
  • Could use some extra space on the lower oven

2. Best Overall Electric Range


GE JB860DJBB 30" Black Electric Smoothtop

Product Rating 4.5 /5
Reviewed by:

Undoubtedly our favorite of the bunch, this 30” smoothtop electric range is fantastic all the way around.

The top of this one has five burners of various sizes, allowing you to cook a wide variety of dishes at the same time. The tempered glass is quite sturdy, and the overall black and sleek aesthetic can really add to a kitchen.

The ovens are also excellent. The top one is a standard electric oven with a smooth sliding rack that impressed us. The lower is a convection oven, pulling hot air in and through the elements in order to prevent hotspots and give you a fantastically crispy outer layer on any food you might put through it.

The only real issue we found was that the double oven design limited space a little bit. On the other hand, the extra rack definitely comes in handy and they can be set separately so it’s a trade-off and one we’re willing to stand behind.

If you’re looking for one of the best electric ranges on the market, this GE model stands head and shoulders above most of the competition. The only thing we found ourselves wishing for was an induction top, but they get prohibitively expensive in a hurry.

Pros and Cons
  • Double oven, with the lower being convection
  • Smooth, easy to clean stove
  • Five burners on smoothtop
  • Total of 6.6cu ft. in the ovens
  • Top oven isn’t convection
  • Could use some extra space on the lower oven

3. Runner Up for Best Electric Range


GE PS950SFSS 30" 6.6 cu. ft. Capacity Slide-In

Product Rating 4 /5
Reviewed by:

The biggest thing separating this one from our favorite is the price. We just felt the limited improvements didn’t quite justify the much higher pricing for the average person.

On the other hand, there’s a lot to love here.

The top is made of smooth glass and has five different burners for different pots and pans. It also lacks a backsplash which gives a sleek look to the whole appliance.

The bottom is another pair of ovens, one convection and one standard electric. They’re roughly the same as our top pick, a standard electric upper and a convection lower adding up to a ton of different cooking possibilities.

If you’re willing to spend the extra money for much better styling, then go ahead and add this range to your home. It’s great all the way around.

Pros and Cons
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Great smoothtop with five burners
  • Double ovens with 6.6cu ft. capacity
  • Flexible heating elements cradle pots and pans
  • Quite expensive for what amounts to better styling
  • Controls can be a bit hard to access

4. Best Coil Top Electric Range


GE JBS30DKWW 30 Inch Freestanding

Product Rating 4 /5
Reviewed by:

If you’re looking for a coil topped range, then this is the model you’ve been dreaming about. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but the quality you’ll get for the price is hard to beat.

Overall it’s a pretty simple little range: you’ve got four coils for cooking and a single oven with 5 cubic feet of space. It’s also extremely hardy, if a little bit more difficult to clean than many of the other options out there.

The price really isn’t bad if you’re looking for quality cookware but aren’t ready to invest in a smooth or induction top just yet. It’s basically the best of the best when you’re looking for a reasonably priced appliance.

If you’re looking for something with a lot of quality behind it but aren’t ready to step into four figures, then take a closer look at this range to add something special to your home.

Pros and Cons
  • Four coils on top for multiple dishes
  • Large oven underneath
  • High-quality appliance
  • Classic white aesthetic
  • Harder to clean than smoothtops and induction stoves
  • Oven gets some hot spots

5. Best Budget Electric Range

Frigidaire FFEF3016TW 30

Frigidaire FFEF3016TW 30 Inch

Product Rating 3 /5
Reviewed by:

If you’re willing to cut some corners to add an electric range to your home then you’ll love this one from Frigidaire. The problems with it are easy enough to deal with, especially considering the lower cost overall.

It has four burners of different sizes and looks pretty much identical to the ranges that most of us grew up with. They’re coils, of course, like pretty much all of the cheaper ranges we were able to find.

The oven is the biggest flaw: the exposed infrared elements are underneath the rack. If you’re not careful this can lead to a pretty lengthy and irritating cleaning process despite the manufacturer’s assurance that the oven is self-cleaning.

Other than that, it’s a perfectly functioning electric range which is available at a fraction of the cost of most of them on the market. If you can make some minimal sacrifices to save some money then take a closer look and see if it matches what you need.

Pros and Cons
  • Budget priced
  • Exposed elements allow for few hot spots
  • Has a storage drawer underneath
  • Great, long lasting coils
  • Hard to clean compared to most options
  • Overall middling build-quality compared to GE appliances

The Advantages of Going Electric

If you’ve been looking to replace your stove recently then you’re no doubt aware that awesome electric combinations of these traditionally natural gas powered appliances are dominating the market. The real question is this: how do you know which is the best electric range for your home?

Of course, not everyone’s taste is the same, which means that, as always, we’ve brought five of the best right to you and then we’ll talk about the advantages of these awesome electrical appliances to determine if they’re the right choice for your kitchen.

If you’re not quite sold thanks to our favorite choices, consider the following:

  1. Upfront costs are often much lower when you’re installing an electric range as opposed to a gas one. In addition to being cheaper on average, you won’t have to run or replace gas lines in order to install one.
  2. They offer much more even heating than even the most meticulously kept flame. This is simply due to the nature of the surface, and induction cooktops take this even farther.
  3. They’re extremely energy efficient. Simply put: you get a higher percentage of the energy you’re using transferred to your food and cookware.
  4. Safety is the name of the day here. There are usually warning lights to let you know if things are hot, and you won’t have to worry about gas leaks or faulty starters and pilot lights like you do with gas.
  5. They’re just plain easier to clean.

They’re not perfect, of course, they don’t offer the rapid heat changes of a flame or the ability to cook with round bottom pans, but they’re definitely awesome enough to give them some serious competition.

First Things First: Different Electric Stovetops

If you’re big on using the stove, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are a some serious options when you’re looking into picking up an electric stovetop.

The three main types are as follows:

  • Electric Coil Tops-Cheap and tough, these are what a lot of people think of when electric ranges come to mind. They’re also great if you prefer heavy cookware like cast iron, since they can support the weight.
  • Electric Smooth Tops- Electric smooth tops are sleek and modern. As the name says, they’re made of smooth glass with a number of different burners. They’re extremely easy to clean due to their make-up and make up the bulk of the mid-range options for the home consumer.
  • Induction Stove Tops- Relatively new to the market, these electromagnetic tops are making a real stir. They only create heat at the points of contact of your cookware, which is great for homes with pets and children. They’re the safest overall and clean up easily, but there is a problem: any cookware used on them has to be magnetic.

Which you go with is largely up to your own tastes, but all three will serve most people quite readily.

On top of all of that you’re going to need the following qualities.


Coil tops are the toughest, all the way around. Neither of the other types can compare since the surfaces are going to be made of tempered glass.

For smooth or induction tops, however, you need something reputable. Otherwise you run the risk of a large mess and a non-functioning stove-top if you use too heavy of a pan.

Induction tops are particularly tricky here, since they’re made of tempered glass but you’ll have to use ferromagnetic cookware(ie: the heavy stuff, steel and iron) for them to function properly.

Pretty much all of the top brands are hardy enough for home use, but if you’re a klutz then you may want to go with a coil top even if you’d prefer the look of one of the latter.


Sizing varies a bit, but the cubic feet of your cooktop seriously matters. Too small and even if you have a veritable smorgasbord of burners you’ll end up being irritated with the way your burners and cookware get tangled up.

Too big and it won’t fit in your kitchen.

Just make sure you’ve got enough room for what you need to do.

Amount of Burners

The amount of burners on your electric range top is a big factor: you can only heat one pan per so you’ll want to make sure you have enough for your usual usage.

Most will have four or five, but particularly large models might have six.

The Bottom Line: Your Electric Oven

Most electric ovens are roughly equivalent. You’ve got a heating element, some space to stuff your food and pans, and that’s about all there is to it.

The biggest thing to look out for here is the cubic volume of the oven. This will let you know how much stuff you can place in there while you’re cooking.

Some models will also have a double oven, which can be quite handy if you’ve been looking for one but is also overkill for many people.


If you’re a big fan of oven cooking, then you likely know that it’s not always possible to get everything you want in there at the same time.

Thankfully, ovens often come in different sizes, so you may want to check the cubic footage of the oven you’re looking at before you make a final decision.

Truth is, however, that often the oven size of an electric range is going to be limited by what’s on the top end. That means the size of the whole unit is going to be intimately intertwined.

Bigger options are better for cooking for more people but also tend to cost more. Smaller options are great for smaller areas, but you simply won’t be able to cook as much with them as you would with a larger oven.

Even Heating

Even heating is highly important for good cooking, as every home chef knows.

Sadly, the only real way to assure yourself of this is to make sure you buy a reputable brand. Some knock-offs are cheap… but they’ll also have hot spots in their internal coils which can really screw up a good roast or casserole.

We’ve only included reputable brands for exactly this reason. Quality doesn’t come cheap in this area.


How many racks you have is going to greatly affect how many dishes you can cook at the same time. We recommend three for most homes, particularly if you only spring for a single model.

A common arrangement with electric ranges is to have a limited capability secondary oven, these are actually pretty cool but they generally only have a single rack.

Key Factors: Durability and Ease of Installation

There are two big features that you definitely don’t want to overlook when you’re picking out your new electric range.

Ease of Installation

This includes both the size of the range and how you’ll need to wire it when you get it. A dolly is a good idea for larger ranges, allowing you to wheel them in without too much difficulty.

Wiring is the bigger problem, however, since most of these don’t come with a power cord attached. The instructions are usually pretty clear, but depending on which model you go with the cords can be harder or easier to attach.

Some might even come with the power cord ready to go.

In any case, they’re almost always safer and easier to install than a gas range.


Durability is a big concern for stovetops, but it also comes into play with ovens.

The thing is this: most models are pretty standardized across the board. That means you should be able to know, for instance, that GE has a reputation for lasting pretty much forever while knock-offs are likely to be much less hardy.

For the stove tops, we made note of which ones had a tendency to break easily and disposed of those models where our list was concerned. If you decide to seek one out yourself just stick with the big brands and you’ll be in much better hands than something which isn’t quite as well-known.

Bonus Factor: Ease of Cleaning

You’ll also want to check how easy your stove and oven are to clean. The type of stove top will usually determine how easy it is to clean, but the interior of the oven can be a different matter.

There’s a tradeoff involved: exposed infrared elements are less likely to have “hot spots” but they’re also usually much easier to clean overall.

On the other hand, hidden elements make things easier to clean but they’re also a lot more likely to produce uneven heating due to the metal being in between.

Keep an eye out for coatings as well. Interior coatings are a great way to make sure that you’ve got an oven which is easy to clean, as opposed to having to scrape on bare metal in order to get things back to new.

Gas vs. Electric Ranges

If you’re considering an electric range, then chances are good that you’ve put in a good amount of time researching which fits better in your home.

As a general rule, electric ranges tend to be cheaper to purchase but a little bit more expensive to run if you’re cooking with them constantly.

We’ve already gone over the advantages of electric, but gas does have some unique advantages of its own:

  • The instant heat change of gas is not only nice… it’s also what most people are used to. Maneuvering around a heated glass top can take some time, and even coils don’t cool nearly as quickly as just lowering a flame.
  • Gas usually requires less money overall to run for an extended period of time.
  • Gas ovens heat up a bit more quickly than electric.
  • Gas ovens also tend to have a little bit more humidity, resulting in a “moist heat” due to the combustion of the gas as it comes in. This is usually desirable for cooking, although certainly not a huge hurdle to overcome if things are dry.
  • Gas stoves have a few options you just don’t have with even the best electric: charring is the biggest one most people are going to miss.

Of course, electric cooktops have a secret weapon: as a general rule, experts love induction cooktops. We’re inclined to agree with them for the most part, since this new technology is pretty revolutionary.

Ultimately, the choice is going to boil down to your own personal cooking style. And that’s great: make sure you have a range you’ll love and chances are you’re going to get to know it a lot better than something which is merely passable.


Making sure you have the best electric range in your kitchen is no small feat, but once you have it installed you might be surprised at what a game changer it is. Whether it’s a cheap coil-top or a top of the line, double-oven, induction cooktop with all of the extras, you’ll be in good hands.

Why wait? Get the order set up and pretty soon you’ll be able to enjoy things that much more.

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