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The Best Broom in 2019 – Our Honest Review

For our money the Urban Groomed Large Indoor and Outdoor Angled Commercial Power Broom seems to be the best broom around. Sturdy, long lasting, and it easily converts into a hand broom for those who need to handle smaller surfaces. We went through the trouble of making sure to bring you a variety of great brooms however, so let’s dig in and we’ll find you the best of the best for every situation.

Best overall: Urban Groomed Large

Any home without one of these brooms doesn’t know what they’re missing. It’s hard to recommend anything else for general household tasks.

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Top 5 Brooms

Name Type Rating Price
Urban Groomed Large Angled Broom 5/5 Check Price
O-Cedar Professional Push Broom 4/5 Check Price
OXO Good Grips Dustpan Hand Broom 4/5 Check Price
FlexSweep Unbreakable Push Broom 4/5 Check Price
O-Cedar Fast 'N Easy Angle Broom 3.5/5 Check Price

1. Best Overall Broom


Urban Groomed Large Indoor and Outdoor Angled Commercial Power Broom

Product Rating 5 /5
Reviewed by:

It’s hard to impress us with something as simple as a broom.

This one did it. It’s an extremely well thought out broom and any home which doesn’t have one in their closet is seriously missing out. It’s suitable for indoor work as well as light outdoor work, and when it comes time to get the table or bench clean it also converts into a hand broom.

All of this is backed up by the fact that it’s also extremely sturdy. With a durable plastic handle and bristles that just don’t seem to quit it’s a fantastic way to make sure that floors and surfaces are clean through the whole home.

The head sits at a good 14 inches wide as well. It’s at the perfect angle to let you get stuff out of corners and once you’ve attacked with it a few times you’ll be impressed too.

All of that is backed up with the fact that the hardware is perfectly balanced to make a good, if not great, hand broom for handling tight areas.

Any home without one of these brooms doesn’t know what they’re missing. It’s hard to recommend anything else for general household tasks.

Pros and Cons
  • Perfect for cleaning the house and light outdoor duty
  • Easily separates into a hand broom
  • Longer handle than normal
  • Perfect outside angle
  • Rather expensive for a broom
  • Not going to beat out a dedicated hand broom

2. Best Push Broom for Home


O-Cedar Professional 18" Multi-Surface Push Broom

Product Rating 4 /5
Reviewed by:

While it’s not what you’re looking for in a jobsite broom, this 18” wide broom from O-Cedar is perfect for handling indoor and outdoor tasks with ease. Whether it’s the driveway or the garage, you’ll be well served if you opt to add this to your home.

The bristles are extremely tough, while remaining soft enough to not damage most surfaces. The head is also pretty much the perfect size for the majority of homes, although those with a particularly large patio may want to look into a contractor broom.

It’s not quite heavy-duty, but for around the home it’s a wonderful piece of work. Instead of beating up your angled broom try this one out when you’re working on tile, concrete, or asphalt for the best results.

The handle and hardware are well mounted, just don’t expect it to hold up to hours and hours of sweeping everyday.

If you want a push broom for around the home then you’re in luck with this one. It’s perfectly sized, extremely sturdy, and able to handle a wide variety of surfaces.

Pros and Cons
  • Perfectly sized head for the home
  • Handles multiple surface types
  • Well-made handle and hardware
  • Excellent, long-lasting bristles
  • Not great for super fine dust
  • Expensive

3. Best Hand Broom


OXO Good Grips Dustpan Brush Set

Product Rating 4 /5
Reviewed by:

If you’re looking to handle smaller surfaces and get in tight areas then a dedicated hand broom might be just the ticket. This one from OXO is remarkably soft, comes with a dustpan, and seems to handle even the finest dust with no issues.

It’s pretty well thought out. It tucks away easily for storage and has a no-slip grip which many of our reviewers found to be just the ticket when compared to the hard, slippery plastic which many other companies use.

There’s also an even smaller compact version available for those who want something for just one area.

Since the whole thing can easily be tucked in a drawer, storage isn’t really going to be a problem. The soft bristles are perfect for the majority of tasks you’ll be using a hand broom for and they’re short enough you can get some real force behind them for larger debris.

If you’re looking for a hand broom, then OXO has just the thing for you. Pick it up now, the price is right and you’ll find a whole world of use for it.

Pros and Cons
  • Perfectly sized
  • Even more compact version available
  • Extremely cheap
  • Comes with a dustpan
  • Bristles are a bit soft for heavily used workbenches
  • Small enough to get lost in drawers

4. Best Contractor’s Push Broom


FlexSweep Unbreakable Commercial Push Broom

Product Rating 4 /5
Reviewed by:

While it’s a bit much for many households, this thing is awesome at jobsite cleanup. With a 24” head and coarse bristles it’ll move both debris and dust out of the way more easily than we ever thought possible.

On top of that, the “unbreakable” really does seem to be true. The only way you’re going to break the handle or head of this broom is if you set out to do it intentionally, and even then you might have some trouble.

When it comes down to it, some jobs are just a bit much for your regular push broom. Whether it’s a carpentry worksite or a huge concrete driveway, investing in something which goes above and beyond in the call of duty is the way to go.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty contractor’s push broom which can handle anything you throw in front of it you’re in luck. This is the best of the best for those who need that something extra.

Pros and Cons
  • Incredibly durable construction
  • Wide head
  • Great for handling just about everything
  • Bristles handle debris and dust well
  • Expensive
  • Rather heavy for those used to regular push brooms

5. Best Budget High-Quality Broom


O-Cedar Fast 'N Easy Angle Broom

Product Rating 3.5 /5
Reviewed by:

The cheapest of the full sized brooms on our list, this broom from O-Cedar is a good way to go if you’re looking to save a few bucks and still end up with something that’ll blow the competition out of the water.

It’s definitely a step above most big-box store brooms. After all, if you were here for something of middling quality you wouldn’t be looking for the best.

This one is held together well with a plastic construction. The bristles are angled for corners and it’s proved time and time again to be a fantastic way to ensure that your home remains clean. We probably wouldn’t start scraping the asphalt with it, however.

It’s not as good as our favorite, but it’s a lot better than the brooms which most people have in their homes.

If you’re looking for the best intersection of price and quality on the market then you should take a look at this nice little angle broom from O-Cedar. It won’t do everything, but it still might be the best broom you’ve used yet.

Pros and Cons
  • High-quality bristles
  • Sturdy construction
  • Great for around the home tasks
  • Excellent price for value
  • Not as good as our favorite
  • Bristles are a bit stiff until broken in

Why Not Just Grab a Random Broom?

Let’s get real here, how much thought do you put into your broom? Most of us are content with just snatching up a random broom from the aisle and going for it. But how well has this served you? Chances are that you’ve broken and worn out a ton of brooms over the course of the last few years. Isn’t it about time that you gwet the best broom?

We’ve all run into situations where our brooms just don’t cut it.

And let’s face it, sometimes it’s easier to just give in and let the dust pile across the floor without having to worry about where things may be going.

Of course, if you had a quality broom in your life that wouldn’t be an issue.

If you ended up on this page, then chances are you’re looking for something that will last you a long time and ensure that you get all of the dust out of your way. There’s a lot to be said for a good broom, and sparkling floors are what you’ll get if you take the time to make sure that the one you have is right for you.

There are a number of different types of brooms and surprisingly the quality varies between individual brooms in more than just the handles.

Types of Broom

For around the house there are a few types of broom which you may want to look into.

Your normal, everyday broom actually comes in two varieties: hard and soft bristles are both available. Most homes will be fine with a soft bristled broom, especially an angle broom.

Angle brooms are what the majority of us think of when we hear the word broom. Ranging from six to twelve inches wide and placed at an angle to make it easier to get into corners they’re a staple in homes around the world.

Harder bristled models are best for outdoors sweeping. When you’re working on concrete or asphalt it’s important to use a broom which can stand up to the wear and tear that you’re going to be putting on it rather than tearing up a soft bristled broom.

Unlike traditional brooms most of the modern ones are created with bristles that are made from a variety of different plastics. We’ll get into bristle types in a moment.

Push brooms are a staple for larger areas. They’re not great at handling corners but most homes should have a good one to let them take care of outside debris that may accumulate. In warehouses and other commercial settings it’s often a good idea to see if you can find one with softer bristles so that you’ll be able to handle finer dust.

The name comes from the fact that they’re used with a pushing motion instead of a pulling one.

Hand brooms are a staple for smaller areas. Unlike normal brooms, which have much larger handles, they’ll let you get into confined spaces easier. Many people use smaller ones for keyboards and other delicate objects.

Hand brooms are generally best with very soft bristles, but harder bristles can allow you to quickly and efficiently sweep up areas like workbenches without having to manhandle a longer broom into position.

Bristle Selection

Top 5 Brooms

When you’re picking out your broom, the bristles are one of the hardest choices to make.

For many people there’s a bit of a debate between natural and synthetic fibers.

We strongly recommend sticking with synthetic fibers for household tasks. The problem with natural fibers is that they accumulate bacteria over time and most of the treatments which will actually kill the bacteria are going to also break down straw, grass, and other fibers.

The exception to this comes from hairs. Horsehair in particular makes a fine brush although we wouldn’t recommend them for home use for the most part.

Synthetic materials tend to be the way to go for any at-home application, although natural fibers are okay to use for outside if that’s the way you want to go.


Polystyrene is undoubtedly the best material for the majority of broom applications. While it lacks heat resistance it does resist the majority of chemicals and it’s extremely common.

It’s not the toughest material out there, but it has more resistance than you’ll find in a lot of natural fibers. Flagged polystyrene is extremely similar, with just a bit better of heat resistance.

For most people this is going to be exactly what you need.


Polyester is tougher than polystyrene and has a higher heat resistance. It’s also great for resisting chemicals, which makes it awesome for industrial applications.

These brooms are primarily used for rough surfaces along with cleaning chemicals and are a bit more tough than is required for home usage.


Nylon bristles make the ultimate in toughness. They don’t break easy, but they’re a bit too rough for many indoor surfaces. If you opt to go with nylon then be aware that it can scratch surfaces like hardwood.

It’s great for outdoor brushes however, especially when you’re hitting the rough stuff like asphalt.


Horsehair is a natural fiber which works excellently for handling dust and dirt. Often it’s mixed in with other fibers in order to provide extra coverage for dust while maintaining a tough bristle.

For most home uses it’s a bit expensive and a bit much, however.

The Handle Has It

The Average Household and a Broom Collection

Your brooms handle is a make-or-break feature.

There are three primary materials used when it comes time to get a broom made.

Metal Handles

Oddly enough, metal handles tend to be the flimsiest of the lot. Quite often they’re made of cheap, but light, aluminum. The thin-walled tubing used to make broom handles bends easily and leads to a lot less durability than most people would like in their broom.

It also kinks when bent. While plastic can break past a certain point, a metal broom will stay bent.

Steel handles, on the other hand, are a superior material which many people have found to be an excellent way to go about things. They’re also rather heavy but the primary problem is just availability.

They’re readily available on push brooms, however, as long as you’re willing to pay the extra cash for an industrial-style one. In this case steel makes one of the best broom handles you’ll ever find.

Plastic Handles

Plastic handles tend to be lightweight and they’ll bend a bit before they kink. They do tend to break when bent past that point however.

They vary quite a bit in quality. Some of them are excellent, while others will easily break and shatter the first time they contact something at a high rate of speed. The biggest difference between plastic handles is the thickness of the walls.

Cheap plastic can also be a problem.

They tend to be easier on the hands than either metal or wood however, which makes them the favored lightweight house broom for many people.

Wooden Handles

Handles made out of wood are much more traditional.

Wood is still used in broomsticks for one big reason: it’s time tested and it works. Wooden handles tend to be completely solid, making them tougher than aluminum or plastic handles. They’re also a bit heavier, but not enough that many people will find them unwieldy.

Wood is still the hallmark of classic brooms. When it comes down to it, it’s a hard material to beat simply due to the versatility which it offers to those who use it.

A Note About Hardware

Pay special attention to the hardware on your new broom when you’re looking at it. There are some very minor differences which can make things easier or harder on you.

Plastic hardware tends to break more easily than anything else. Metal hardware, on the other hand, holds together the best. Even with relatively cheap brooms metal hardware is common if they’re meant for heavy usage.

If you must go with plastic hardware then look for thick plastic which holds the bristles well. Anything else will lead to frustration quickly. Most of us have had a broom that’s fallen apart way too quickly.

Just make sure to pay special attention to the connections when you’re picking the broom out in order to make sure you get something long lasting.

The Average Household and a Broom Collection

When we’re using brooms, many people opt to just use one angle broom.

We think that’s a big mistake in the end, since you won’t have the right tool for everything.

For indoor usage a quality angle broom will make life a lot easier. Something with relatively soft bristles will make cleaning anything but carpet a snap and you won’t have to deal with a specialized vacuum for your hardwood or tile floors.

Outdoors the push broom remains supreme. You can use it to gather everything off the driveway, patio, and other relatively large areas in a short amount of time. If you don’t have a lawn or somewhere to sweep it into then an angle broom and dustpan can be used to pick up the debris which will extend the life of your angle broom quite a bit.

And, of course, the humble hand broom is always great for tight spaces, workbenches, and tables. A good one will let you ensure that the mess you’re dealing with is minimal and quickly taken care of.

If you have all three of these then you’ll be in good hands when it comes time to get your sweeping done, no matter what’s there or how much there is to be done.


Now that you know how to find the best broom for your home, you’ll be in good hands. All of our picks in this category are great for a specific use in the home. It’s important to match the broom to the task, as simple as they seem picking the right broom can be a good deal more involved than we’d like to admit.

For most homes, the Urban Groomed Large is going to serve the best. It can be used for both indoor and light outdoor usage and the angle is perfect for getting hard to reach corners.

Isn’t it about time that you added a great broom instead of merely a good one to your home? With the right brooms you can make all of your sweeping much easier.

Sweep away your problems, and invest in a quality broom today.


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