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The Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle in 2019 – Top Reviews

To excel as a sniper and ensure you never miss a target, you need to use the best airsoft sniper rifle. Due to its impressive accuracy, optimal rate of fire, and highly functional scope, the JG M4 RIS airsoft rifle is one of the strongest contenders for this title. Of course, there are many other great airsoft sniper rifles you can choose from. In this article, we will review the five most popular models of airsoft sniper rifles in different price ranges. We will compare their performance in a few key metrics to help you find the one that is best for you.

Best overall: JG M4 RIS

This high-capacity airsoft sniper rifle holds up to 300 rounds of ammo at any given moment. It achieves a maximum velocity of 500 FPS and has an impressive rate of fire of 15-20 RPS. This powerful rifle also comes with a detachable sniper scope with extensive magnification settings.

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Top 5 Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Name Magazine Capacity Velocity Price
JG M4 RIS 300 rounds (AEG) 500 FPS Check Price
ASG McMillan M40A3 20 rounds (spring) 420 FPS Check Price
Cybergun FAMAS F1 300 rounds (AEG) 400 FPS Check Price
BBTac BT59 25 rounds (spring) 400 FPS Check Price
Crosman GameFace GF529 29 rounds (spring) 400 FPS Check Price

1. Best Overall Airsoft Sniper Rifle



Product Rating 5 /5
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The JG M4 RIS is a remarkably versatile electric airsoft rifle that you can use either as a sniper rifle or as an assault rifle. Seeing as most airsoft enthusiasts don’t use bipods on their assault rifles, the engineers at JG decided not to include one in this model. Instead, they equipped it with a detachable scope that allows you to zoom in on your target and access a number of magnification settings.

Capable of working in both semi-automatic and automatic (AEG) mode, the JG M4 RIS uses a high-capacity magazine that can hold up to 300 rounds of ammo. This airsoft sniper rifle also has an impressive rate of fire that ranges from 15 to 20 rounds per second (RPS).

Depending on the weight of your pellets, its velocity ranges from 390 (0.25g pellets) to 500 (0.12 g pellets) feet per second (FPS). To ensure maximum precision from up to 150 feet away, it is best to use 0.20g or 0.25g pellets.

With a high-quality polymer frame and main parts made of metal, this is a very durable sniper rifle. Though it might be a bit heavy at 8 pounds, an inexpensive sling will help you overcome any portability issues you may have on the battleground.

The only real downside is the 1100mAh battery that powers up the rifle. Not only does it take hours to charge but it also tends to drain very fast. Thankfully, you can solve this problem by investing in a 2,000mAh battery.

Pros and Cons
  • Works in automatic and semi-automatic mode
  • Has a detachable sniper scope with several zooming and magnification options
  • High-velocity airsoft sniper rifle that fires up to 500 FPS
  • The magazine can hold up to 300 rounds of ammo
  • Fires between 15 and 20 rounds per second
  • Doesn’t have a bipod
  • Needs a more powerful battery

2. Best Practical Airsoft Sniper Rifle


ASG McMillan M40A3

Product Rating 4.5 /5
Reviewed by:

The ASG McMillan M40A3 is a full-scale replica of the McMillan M40A3, an actual sniper rifle used by the US Marine Corp. Instead of gas and batteries, this airsoft sniper rifle uses a sturdy spring to push the pellet out of the barrel. This allows it to achieve an excellent velocity of 420 FPS, which puts it among the fastest spring airsoft rifles on the market.

Whereas most airsoft sniper rifles have magazines that come out of the bottom, this one tries something different. Like the rifle it was modeled after, the ASG M40A3 has an internal magazine hidden in the “mag well” behind the trigger. The magazine holds up to 20 rounds of ammo, which is slightly below the standard capacity of spring-powered airsoft rifles.

At 6.7 pounds, this is a fairly lightweight airsoft sniper rifle. It sports a refreshingly practical design that allows users easy access to all adjustment points. The packaging includes six QD mount attachments that you can use to attach a sling to the frame of the rifle.

The M40A3 isn’t without its downsides. For one, it doesn’t come with any optical attachments, which means that you will have to buy a scope separately. Also, even though the internal magazine takes only seconds to reload, it would be even better if you didn’t have to do it after every 20 pellets fired.

Despite these shortcomings, this is a very powerful airsoft sniper rifle with excellent performance out of the box. It is also very affordable, which makes it great for an occasional airsoft skirmish with friends.

Pros and Cons
  • Practical design with easy access to adjustment points
  • Excellent velocity of 420 FPS out of the box
  • Includes six QD mount attachments for slings
  • Has an easy-loading internal magazine
  • The magazine holds only 20 rounds of ammo
  • Doesn’t have a scope but has a built-in rifle scope mount

3. Best Electric Airsoft Sniper Rifle


Cybergun FAMAS F1

Product Rating 4.5 /5
Reviewed by:

With a gearbox made entirely of metal, the Cybergun FAMAS F1 is an extremely durable electric airsoft sniper rifle. Yet despite its sturdy construction, it weighs only 7 pounds, which is pretty light for a full-metal airsoft rifle. Modeled after the sniper rifle used by the French Foreign Legion, this is a high-precision airsoft rifle that comes with several great extras.

The magazine of the FAMAS F1 rifle can hold up to 300 rounds of ammo, which is on par with some of the best airsoft sniper rifles. The packaging also comes with two extra magazines, thus allowing you to carry up to 900 pellets before you head off to the battlefield.

This airsoft sniper rifle achieves a maximum velocity of 400 FPS, but it works best with 0.20g pellets at 350 FPS. And although its rate of fire of 12-14 rounds per second isn’t that impressive, it is by no means a deal-breaker. On the plus side, the next-generation high-torque motor and the adjustable bipod allow for excellent accuracy.

There are only two minor downsides worth mentioning here. Firstly, even though the frame has a FAMAS scope mount attached at the top, this airsoft sniper rifle doesn’t actually come with a scope. Secondly, you will have to manually spin the magazine after every 20-30 shots for continuous action.

Pros and Cons
  • High-capacity magazine holds up to 300 rounds
  • Maximum velocity of 400 FPS
  • Made of high-quality metal for superior durability
  • Comes with a full-metal bipod for better precision
  • The packaging includes two extra magazines and a set of 2000 pellets
  • Doesn’t come with a scope
  • The magazine requires manual spinning after every 20-30 shots

4. Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle for Beginners


BBTac BT59

Product Rating 4 /5
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Due to its ease of use and functionality, the BBTac BT59 airsoft sniper rifle is particularly good for beginners. This is a spring airsoft rifle, which usually means that it can achieve very high speeds. In this case, the maximum velocity is 400 FPS, though you’ll only get about 350 FPS using 0.25g pellets.

Speaking of pellets, the magazine can only fit 25 of them at a time. Although this is comparable to other spring airsoft sniper rifles, it might be insufficient for some. However, the BT59 more than makes up for this minor shortcoming with its smooth bolt action and accurate performance.

This airsoft sniper rifle comes with several useful extras, including a standard 3-9x40 rifle scope and a bipod attachment. What’s more, the body of the rifle has built-in rails for these two attachments, thus allowing for a very easy assembly even if you’ve never used an airsoft rifle before. Also included in the packaging is a sling, as well as four removable mounts that attach it to the body.

The BBTac BT59 has one major downside that will likely be a deal-breaker for some. Namely, while the main parts of this sniper rifle are made of metal the body is made of plastic and is thus rather delicate.

Although this shouldn’t be a problem for beginners and occasional users, airsoft hobbyists might want to look at full-metal models instead.

Pros and Cons
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Has a maximum velocity of 400 FPS
  • Smooth bolt action and accurate performance
  • Comes with a scope, a bipod, and a sling
  • The magazine only holds 25 rounds
  • The plastic body may be too delicate for some

5. Top Budget Pick


Crosman GameFace GF529

Product Rating 4 /5
Reviewed by:

If you’re new to airsoft warfare and are looking for an inexpensive entry-level sniper rifle, the Crosman GameFace GF529 might be a good choice. This spring-powered airsoft sniper rifle has a magazine that can hold 29 rounds, which is quite good for a spring model. It has a maximum velocity of 400 FPS and can fire standard 0.20g and 0.25g plastic pellets at a speed of about 350 feet per second.

At only 3.5 pounds, this budget-friendly airsoft sniper rifle is extremely lightweight. It has a full metal barrel, which allows for a higher degree of accuracy and a superior shooting range. The body is made of high-quality ABS polymer and has built-in rails for easy addition of attachments.

As far as attachments go, the GF529 only comes with a sling and a speed loader. The latter allows you to load the magazine much faster, which is especially convenient considering its limited capacity.

This rifle doesn’t come with a scope or a bipod, which means that you’ll have to buy them separately. On the bright side, they’re very easy to install. Plus, even with all the extra attachments mounted onto it, this airsoft rifle will still remain lightweight.

Pros and Cons
  • Budget-friendly
  • Fires at a velocity of up to 400 FPS
  • Metal barrel for better accuracy
  • Comes with a sling and a speed loader
  • Fully customizable
  • Doesn’t have a bipod or a scope
  • Holds a maximum of 29 rounds

What Are Airsoft Sniper Rifles?

As a sniper, you play one of the most important and demanding roles on your airsoft team. You have to be patient, keep quiet, and blend in with your surroundings. And when the enemy approaches, you need to be able to take them down with the utmost precision.

Airsoft sniper rifles are high-power weapons primarily designed for use by players of airsoft, a popular tactical simulation game. In airsoft, teams of players aim to complete missions and objectives based on real-life scenarios. These can include hostage rescues, turf wars, prison breaks, and anything else that involves weapons, strategy, and teamwork.

The players shoot 6mm and 8mm plastic pellets from specially designed replica weapons with the goal of eliminating members of the opposing team. These specially designed weapons are known as airsoft weapons or airsoft guns. Based on their size and the tactical position they are best suited for, airsoft weapons can be divided into the following categories:

  • Airsoft pistols – Small and lightweight, used to complement the player’s main weapon
  • Airsoft submachine guns – Slightly larger than pistols, also used as a backup to the main weapon
  • Airsoft personal defense weapons – Similar to submachine guns in terms of size and purpose
  • Airsoft assault rifles – Larger weapons used in short-range and medium-range combat
  • Airsoft sniper rifles – Similar to assault rifles, used in long-range combat to hit distant targets
  • Airsoft machine guns – Larger than assault and sniper rifles, mostly used in long-range combat

Airsoft sniper rifles are usually made of a combination of metal and ABS plastic, a plastic polymer that is commonly used for its strength and durability. ABS plastic resembles steel and helps make the rifle look realistic. On the other hand, metal ensures the sturdiness and stability of the rifle.

Some airsoft sniper rifles are made entirely of metal. Similarly, some are made entirely of plastic. There are also airsoft sniper rifles that are made of steel and wood, but they are very rare and expensive.

As a rule, airsoft sniper rifles have very long barrels that average about 42 inches. They also have a very high firing velocity, which usually ranges between 400 and 500 feet per second (FPS). The combination of these two qualities allows for high accuracy, which is very important in long-range combat.

Due to their length, airsoft sniper rifles aren’t very practical for off-hand shooting. For optimal precision, they need to be in a stationary position or mounted on a bipod. Alternatively, shooters can also use a sling to stabilize the rifle and ensure a more accurate shot.

Some airsoft sniper rifles come with bipods and slings, while some don’t. Other attachments may include scopes, speed loaders, and rails. Most airsoft sniper rifles are fully customizable, thus allowing users to add any attachments that they need but that weren’t included in the original packaging.

What Types of Airsoft Sniper Rifles Are There?

Top 5 Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Depending on the mechanism that powers them, airsoft sniper rifles can be divided into three categories:

Spring-Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifles, Also Known As Self-Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifles

As their name suggests, spring-powered airsoft sniper rifles rely on a spring inside the gearbox to fling the projectile. When the user pulls back the bolt of the rifle, it compresses the spring. The spring then uses its potential energy to compress enough air to launch an airsoft pellet down the barrel.

Because they’re manually operated, spring-powered airsoft sniper rifles are single-shot devices. Airsoft enthusiasts use high-powered, high-precision sniper rifle models that utilize spring bolt action. As a rule, they have a limited magazine capacity of about 25-30 rounds, but can achieve very high velocities, averaging about 400 feet per second.

Gas-Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Gas-powered airsoft sniper rifles use compressed gas to operate the shooting mechanism. The majority of gas-powered rifles are of the gas blowback (GBB) variety. They have a refillable built-in canister inside the magazine that releases the gas upon a pull of the trigger.

This gas uses its stored potential energy to launch the pellet down the barrel of the gun. At the same time, the gas starts expanding and creates a blowback. This blowback, in turn, triggers the recoil effect of the rifle and launches the next shot. Due to their ability to cyclically load consecutive shots, gas-powered sniper rifles can work in both semi-automatic and automatic mode.

Electric Airsoft Sniper Rifles, Also Known As Automatic Electric Guns (AEG)

Electric airsoft sniper rifles are powered by a rechargeable battery and a built-in electric motor. The battery drives the motor, allowing it to produce enough power to launch airsoft pellets with a high level of accuracy. These rifles have a very high velocity of up to 500 feet per second. They also have very high rates of fire and can launch up to 25 rounds per second (1500 rounds per minute).

Due to their superior performance, electric airsoft sniper rifles are very popular among airsoft enthusiasts. Most electric airsoft sniper rifles have magazines that can hold up to 300 rounds at a time, allowing users to stay focused on the game for longer periods of time. They also look more like real-life rifles than the other two types, which helps create a more realistic experience for the users.

Are All Airsoft Sniper Rifles Modeled After Actual Sniper Rifles?

All airsoft sniper rifles – as well as all airsoft weapons – are modeled after actual weapons. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as one of the main ideas behind airsoft is to recreate real-life situations in a safer and more controlled environment.

Weapons are an essential part of this game, which is why they have to look as authentic as possible. Rather than come up with new designs, the creators of airsoft sniper rifles have decided to model their creations after existing firearms. This means that you can easily find 1:1 airsoft replicas of sniper rifles used by the US Marine Corp and the French Foreign Legion.

The similarities between the actual weapons and their airsoft replicas are so striking that even gun enthusiasts often have trouble telling them apart. But those similarities aren’t just physical – they also extend to their functionality. This is why the US Army has used them to train soldiers for combat before deploying them to war zones.

But there is one way to tell the difference between airsoft sniper rifles and their real-life counterparts. Specifically, all airsoft guns must have an orange tip at the end of the barrel. US law prohibits the sale of airsoft weapons that don’t have an orange tip. Moreover, it is also illegal for owners to remove this orange tip from their airsoft guns and rifles.

What Type of Ammunition Do Airsoft Sniper Rifles Use?

What Types of Airsoft Sniper Rifles Are There

All airsoft guns, including airsoft sniper rifles, use specially designed sphere-shaped pellets as ammunition. Usually made of plastic, these pellets have a diameter of about 6mm (approximately 0.24 inches), though some airsoft weapons also use an 8mm (0.31-inch) version. They weigh anywhere between 0.12g and 0.48g, though most airsoft enthusiasts use 0.20g, 0.25g, and 0.28g pellets.

Although airsoft pellets are usually spherical, bright-colored, and made of plastic, several other variants are also available. For example, there are tracer pellets that glow in the dark, as well as non-traceable pellets that are dark and thus harder to spot by the opponent. There are also paint pellets that resemble those used in paintball, as well as the eco-friendly biodegradable pellets.

Many airsoft users erroneously refer to airsoft pellets as “BBs”. In reality, they are nothing like the pellets used to load BB guns. For one, 6mm and 8mm airsoft pellets are considerably larger than 4.5mm BB gun pellets. Also, airsoft pellets are made of plastic, whereas BB guns use only metal projectiles that can cause serious injuries.

Airsoft pellets are designed to be used at large distances. In case of airsoft sniper rifles, that distance is about 150 feet. Considering the fact that rifles can launch airsoft pellets at a speed of up to 500 feet per second, they shouldn’t be used in short-range combat.

While airsoft pellets are normally safe, they can sometimes cause superficial wounds on your skin. This can happen if you fire them at your opponent at very close range. As a rule, this usually causes sharp pain, but the wounds themselves tend to heal rather quickly.

Airsoft pellets can be quite dangerous if they hit your head or your face. To stay safe during an airsoft match, make sure to wear protective goggles at all times. You should also wear a protective mask to protect your ears, nose, mouth, and teeth.

Why Is Magazine Capacity Important in an Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

The magazine capacity of an airsoft sniper rifle denotes how many rounds (airsoft pellets) you can load into the magazine at a time. The higher the magazine capacity, the longer you’ll be able to stay in the game without having to take a break to reload the rifle, though it also depends on your rate of fire.

This is important for two reasons. First, having to reload your rifle every few minutes can make you more vulnerable to attacks from your opponents and put your whole team’s mission in danger. Second, stopping to reload your rifle after every 20 shots fired can take your mind out of the game and prevent you from enjoying it in full.

If you take your airsoft gameplay very seriously, you might be better off opting for an electric airsoft sniper rifle. They tend to have high capacity magazines, which can sustain them for at least 15 minutes of continuous performance. But if you don’t mind having to reload the magazine often or if you’re a classic sniper that takes long aim, a spring-powered airsoft sniper rifle could also be a good choice.


Airsoft sniper rifles are an essential part of every airsoft enthusiast’s arsenal. Modeled after real-life weapons used by armed forces, they add a touch of authenticity to airsoft missions and help players hit their targets with high accuracy. Due to their close resemblance to actual weapons, military forces around the world are using them to train their recruits and teach them the basics of combat.

If you’re looking for the best airsoft sniper rifle, the JG M4 RIS has everything you need to excel at your next airsoft mission. Its high magazine capacity, superior velocity, highly functional sniper scope, and an impressive rate of fire all make it stand out from the competition. But if you’re looking for something slightly different, any of our other four picks could be a good choice, too.

With the right choice of an airsoft sniper rifle, you’ll have no trouble defeating your opponents. Enjoy the game and remember to stay safe.

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