Max Perzon

Hi everyone!

I help people buy better products online by creating in-depth, thoroughly reviewed product comparisons. 

My name is Max Perzon an international SEO consultant. I'm one of the most popular and highest ranked (according to Google) Digital Marketing Consultants in New York City. I'm also a product nerd and the owner of this website!

The one thing I've learned is that most product review websites strive for quantity instead of quality. I only strive towards creating high value content for all my readers.

Luckily I work together with some great researchers and writers that help me along the way!

Homethods Team

How we make money

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The vast majority of products that we review can be found on Amazon. You’ll notice that we include Amazon links to many of the products we discuss in our articles. Anytime you click on one of those links and proceed to make a purchase, we receive a small percentage of the purchase price in the form of a commission directly from Amazon.

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